Seems as long as I can remember I have heard people talking about fairy tales and finding true love. As I see it true love comes in many forms. As a child I watched my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and various other family members as well as friends marriages succeed for years, in fact I saw not one divorce. I guess I grew up in a time where divorce was a rarity. To this day I can recall my childhood being rather happy as I had so many family members and support from all of them.

I do find now days that divorce is so common that I am happy to say I was blessed by the fact I didn’t have a ton of drama growing up. I grew up taking it for granted that everyone would always be there and if any problem would arrive between them, they had all the support they could get from each other and they got over it and moved on “together,” to me, that’s true love.

Another example of true love is not the fairy tale that we all grew up with where Cinderella marries her Prince Charming, or some knight in shining armor comes and saves the golden haired maiden, Rapunzel, up on top of a towering castle, although entertaining as it may be, true love is not that at all.

True love comes in many forms. It may be you find yourself unexpectedly widowed or divorced and things just seem a bit off for you, you might be thinking you’re OK being alone but you’re just missing something in your life. So, you start to notice that certain someone and you just seem to click. The months wear on and you find yourself looking forward to spending more time together. You’re finding you just can’t stand the thought of being without that person, and you take things a step farther becoming “official.” Well, good for you, its not a fairy tale but it doesn’t have to be. Its your fairy tale just like everyone has their own fairy tale.

My example of a fairy tale is what you make of your relationship. Your mate may not be a supermodel to anyone else or possibly not quite be an Albert Einstein to anyone else, but to you,

  • Isn’t he or she the most beautiful person you see when you wake up?
  • Do you find yourself hanging on their every word with love and joy in your heart?
  • Are you feeling as though just knowing this person is the love of your life?
  • Do you smile at the thought of seeing this person at the end of a hard day?
  • Does he or she make you laugh till you cry?
  • Is your partner willing to go the extra mile out of his or her way just to make your day?
  • Are they willing to just “be there” for you when you are at your darkest hour?
  • Are they willing to lose sleep and talk it out with you just to know you are both safe and secure after an argument and everything will then be OK?

Wow, if you’ve answered yes to some of these questions then you have a goldmine here!

That, my dear, is your fairy tale .

So, the next time your mate makes you upset think of the positives in your relationship and not so much the negatives.

Have a positively happy, loving, long relationship.

They do exist, I have seen them myself.



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