It’s a Sunny Saturday morning on the Pacific Coast. My sister and I wake to find our parents still sleeping, so we close their door so as not to wake them! We, now, own the house. We happily race down those big wooden stairs, sometimes sliding down the banister, giggling. No holds barred as we race around that big house and we’re greeted by a our gray momma cat and my dog, Pepper.

With the sun streaming in the windows, the Pacific Ocean sparkling in the background, and the lighthouse not far down the road, my sister says, “Sherry, I’m hungry.” So, being the big sister, I offered up my best but not before we turn on the Saturday morning cartoons to find Freddy Flintstone or the Jetsons. Oh boy what a choice. We then have our normal Saturday spat about who gets to watch which show, usually the Flintstones won. We Rocked! Even back then, ha ha.

So, we head to the kitchen and I whip up my specialty “cinnamon toast.” The Dog gets toast too, but the cat didn’t seem to very interested, but I offered anyway. After breakfast, we head out to watch the cartoons, and after they are over, its outside for us. Everyone outside is happy to see us, they wave and smile. At that point I own the world. Me, my bike, and my little black and tan Dog.

Up and down the road, its an endless adventure as I imagine I’m discovering the world for the first time. I spy daffodils, wildlife, and many other various flowers in the area. Springtime is my favorite time of the year as everything is fresh, bright, sparkly and new. I spot my Dad and holler for him, “Dad! Look what I found!” He is busy, but takes the time to let me show him the green tree frog I had just found, as he smiles and tells me, “Sherry, girl, now put that frog back where you got it.” So I promptly do so. I have to thank my Dad for my love and respect for all living creatures and respect for our land.

Many dreams for my future were planned on days like these, as I stood by the ocean in wonder of its beauty, as a whale spout would come into view, and a few sea lions barked underneath, as I stood on the cliff with my dog faithfully by my side.

I use to imagine every sparkly on the water being dancing diamonds. I had, and still do, have quite the imagination. It’s no wonder I love diamonds for their sparkle. I saw them in the ocean and the Fresnel lens that lit the ocean every day and night. Its bright light brought everyone to safety, including me. It’s that light in the darkness that brought me inspiration many times and still does. It is now my spiritual place and always will be. It shaped me and molded me throughout my life.

In the darkness I still close my eyes and Imagine myself in this special place as I Thank God for the chance to have this experience of that special place I will forever call my Home.

I hope you have enjoyed this little story , I am including an Apache folklore I found to be very true and reminded me of how I feel about Diamonds , we are all like a Diamond.


The Apaches have a legend that exemplifies this inner soul work. They believe that our spirits are born with us in the form of raw diamonds and that our goal in life is to obtain as many facets or cuts on our spiritual diamonds as possible. Each facet polishes the diamond and makes it shine a little more.

A new cut is formed every time we are faced with a problem or difficulty in our life and we use the opportunity to try to learn something new about ourselves. All of the struggles and suffering that we are faced with therefore become occasions for us to grow and fulfill our purpose for living. At death, the Apaches believe that our diamond spirit is returned to the Eye of God, to shine within the heavens for all of eternity. Each facet becomes another sparkle in the Eye of God.


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