Falling in love with yourself may seem arrogant, but it’s more important than you might think. Turn your love light on to attract the right person to fall in love with. Falling in love with yourself is so important in attracting the right romantic partner for you and also to attract the people you want to be around you.

First of all, find your style and go with it. Let’s say you choose a hairstyle you have always wanted. Have you ever walked out of a beauty salon and come out feeling confident and beautiful with your new hairstyle and its making you smile from ear to ear? Your inner beauty and light are shining through.

Everyone is capable of turning on their love light. You’re smiling, feeling happy and confident as you walk by people on the street. Your inner and outer beauty are shining through. Suddenly someone may give you a nice compliment and you find yourself complimenting this person too. What a wonderful way to make someone’s day by complimenting them as you show your “Love Light.”


For another example, try choosing clothing and accessories that make you feel both confident and beautiful. This doesn’t mean you have to go over budget on buying tons of new clothing. When you choose clothing and accessories that show off your best features, true personality, and style this helps you feel good about yourself. It also helps boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence helping your inner light beam shine out to others.

Now you are happy and confident. This will attract the people you want in your life because you feel great, confident and you love yourself. When you feel good, what happens? You find yourself smiling and exuding all your wonderful qualities, you may even find yourself walking in a more confident way. My Mother used to say, “Smile and the World will smile with you.” Turns out, she was right. If you’re smiling and radiating love, confidence, inner and outer beauty, the people around you will also see this light surrounding you. Who wouldn’t want to be around a person with these kinds of qualities?

Give yourself permission to honor yourself, care about how you dress, how you look, to make better lifestyle choices, to make healthier food choices, to exercise often and be a more healthier you. This is a sure path to showing your inner and outer beauty all the while turning your love light on.

Although, you may have the attitude that the people around you should love you just the way you are and not judge you for how you dress or anything else you chose to do, well, this is true, if your feeling great and confident about yourself in the process.

Don’t we all want to stay in great shape, be happy and healthy at the same time?

Realize that people around you see your inner spiritual beauty by the ways your love light shines through. Practicing this self love you are helping other people around you with your sense of style, grace, inner beauty and spirituality.

Here are some ways you can connect with yourself to turn on your Love Light


  1. Tell yourself are worthy of romantic love. Release the false perceptions that you are unworthy of true love
  2. You are worthy of good health
  3. You are unapologetic about what it is your deserve to attract
  4. Learn to unlearn those childhood fears that bring you down and make you feel unworthy
  5. Were you ever bullied or put down? Meditate or pray to find forgiveness in those who hurt you in the past while giving yourself permission to release any negative energy it produced and find that confident, beautiful you again, that person you are!
  6. Give yourself permission to be self confident
  7. In loving yourself you’re willing to reclaim the love and respect you deserve
  8. Tell yourself you are worthy of positive healthy people in your life
  9. Release the false perceptions of yourself you may have collected in your life along the way, so you become the person you were born to be. Practice saying to yourself, “I am a great person,” and mean it! Because you are!
  10. Letting go any past or present people in your life that may have had, or still have, a negative impact in your future journey of self love. They may be (possibly not even meaning to) blocking your growth and keeping you in a unhealthy past.
  11. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as well as you respect others.
  12. Say this to yourself, “I am a beautiful, wonderful, person inside and out,” and mean it, because you  are!
  13. Never settle for someone that doesn’t see the qualities you have
  14. Be confident in setting boundaries when something doesn’t feel right
  15. Learn to connect with your “gut feeling,” that something just doesn’t feel right for you. Your  intuition never lies.

Those are some of the ways to fall in love with yourself to find true love and to help you attract the man or woman of your dreams. So, let go and light the way to true love and a new “you.” Find a love you never knew possible, to attract the love you want and deserve by turning on your love light.

I can’t think of a better person to be around.  Guess who that person is? That person is you!

As you learn to turn on your love light, this beautiful person is you, Yes, You!



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