Do we wake up every morning knowing what is going to happen next? probably not, if we knew what was going to happen next some of us might not want to even wake up but that’s the gamble of life, you just don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Which brings me to the subject of life, while some of us choose to complain, while being negative with just about anything that comes there way without even realizing it they can become impossible for anyone to even want to be around them, do you want to be that person? if you knew you were that person would you want to change? I would hope so.

Lets take that negative energy and how to turn that negative thinking and attitude into positive thinking, therefore changing your life from dull, boring, panic stricken, pathetic, oh woe is me, poor me attitude and make this kind of negativity a thing of the past.

First thing in the morning I want you to try these things to start out your day and after you do a few of things listed below we’ll move on to what you can do throughout the day to help you stop your negative pattern and the way your thinking while turning your life in a more productive positive experience no matter what life has to toss your way. Here we go.

  • Get up and go look in the mirror and smile at yourself, did you know just smiling releases a happy hormone called dopamine? yes it doe’s. It looks so silly for you to be looking at yourself and smiling soon you’ll be laughing at yourself all the while releasing those happy hormones.
  • Go grocery shopping think of your health while shopping make a list of healthy foods while shopping picture yourself living a more healthier lifestyle and maybe even looking better while feeling  better at the same time
  • Thinking in a more positive way is catchy to the people around you, how fun is that? the people around you are smiling more interacting with you in a much more healthier way than before
  • On through the day, you may see someone struggling, maybe before you just walked away, try smiling at them and genuinely asking them if you can do anything help, maybe they turn you down but soon soon after you left their presence they may think  to themselves that that was nice of you to try and they may return the favor next time they see you struggling.
  • Do you live close to work? try walking to work, you may have to get up a few minutes early but it its possible walk or ride your bike.
  • Exercise releases a hormone that is a natural anti-depressant called serotonin
  • Increase your activity whenever you get a chance.

There are many ways to take any situation (of course with the exception of a tragedy then this is another story we will tackle later)  into a positive.

Stay tuned for my next blog on living life after negativy

God Bless and think positive


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