When choosing a partner, make sure they’re the one that makes you laugh until you cry. When you’re crying your eyes out over something or someone, they will make you somehow laugh through your tears, even if you don’t want too. They are also the ones who will Cry with you when you’re in pain and be strong when you need them to be. Make sure you’re both great conversationalists and can talk about anything (communication is key) This person is not only your spouse or partner but also your best friend. Physical beauty fades, while all other never fades. You will always be beautiful in each other’s eyes no matter what. This person moves mountains to be with you even if it means moving across the country. There are no obstacles that would stand In their way. They spend precious time with you no matter what. They include you in their daily lives and want you to meet their family friends and loved ones. They’re overjoyed to shout to the world their love for you and how much you mean to them and how proud they are to have you by their side. They will admit when they are wrong and they will try and make it right, they won’t leave you when faced with trials and tribulations of daily life but rather they ask you how can I fix this, how can I make it ok again. They will calm your insecurities while wiping away your tears as well as your fears. They won’t and don’t make you jealous, this person makes others jealous of what you have. Their love, loyalty, and faithfulness have no boundaries. They trust, admire and respect you. This person will also be your biggest fan. They’re always on your team, even if you lose your always a winner in their eyes. They will defend, honor and cherish you until the end of Time. That my Friend money can never buy. Much Love to all reading this. Have a fantastic day! most of all “Smile” be kind, patient and good to each other all the while remembering above all to Love each other. Life is short but Love is everlasting. everlasting

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