After trying to get her very busy mothers attention, the little girl finally got a chance to give her mother the gift she had her. This gift, something that may have seemed trivial at the moment was finally handed to her mother.  A small empty container, she said mommy don’t open this, her mother asked softly why not? the little girl said because if you open it it will escape. Although a bit perplexed the mother smiled and thanked the little girl, set the container down and said ok but can you tell me whats in it?

The little girl smiled as bright as the sun all the while looking at her mother and simply said no, but someday you will know. The small container sat in the same spot for days that turned into weeks, months, then many years passed.

From there many more milestones were overcome, many blessings and lessons were experienced. Still, the container sat in the same spot, her mother picking it up periodically and wondered still what her daughter meant by don’t open this and of course the significance. She would always put it back in the same spot and forget about it for awhile.

Through the years, her daughter experienced her first heartbreak, marriage and then the birth of her children came. So blessed she felt to see her daughter through it all whether good or bad times in her life, she was always there for her.

Many years later and her Mother fell ill, sadly enough the Doctor bowing his head while he told the daughter that her mothers heart was failing and there wasn’t much time now. Upon hearing this her daughter ran as fast as she could praying all the way to her mother’s house grabbing the container holding it tightly to her heart, tears falling from her eyes as she ran back to the hospital with the container.

Thanking God her mother was still alive as she entered her room, she handed the small container to her. Again looking a bit perplexed at the container her daughter then said “Mommy I can tell you what’s in it now”

Holding her Mothers hand she said to her, Mommy do you remember this? her mother weakly nodded and tried her hardest to smile and said yes I do Dear of course I do.

With her tears flowing she said Mommy open it now, her Mother proceeded to open it. Her daughter looked into her mother’s eyes as it was now open. Her mother softly smiling said well its empty my dearest one.

Her daughter said tearfully , Mommy it looks empty but its not, let me explain, this container is our love and life, from the time you found out you were carrying me for the first time, and all the times you were right by my side cheering me on even when I might have even been wrong, all the love you gave me through my whole life, everything I have, everything I’ve ever been through, Mommy, this container holds every moment of my life, it’s filled with all the thank you’s I may not have said and should have, it’s also filled with gratitude, appreciation, Love, and most of all it’s filled with unconditional love that I have learned from you, because of you I can pass it along in my life.


Thank You…her mother softly said, I love you too my sweet Angel, we will always be together. God has a plan for you and never let anyone tell you, your not a good person. Her daughter then looked waited for her to open her eyes again and to see her breath again. The monitor on the screen went flat, her mother was gone.

So the moral of this story is to have faith, patience, knowing everything doesn’t have to be explained right now, nor do you have to know everything right now at this moment. Live for all that is good, love unconditionally.

Know that you may not understand why things happen the way they do in this world but someday you will. It may not be this story but you have a story so go out and share it with the world, love beyond reason, hurt not for you but for the world, pray, love, live, laugh and give with all of your heart and even if they don’t love you, love them anyway.

In Knowing God has something in store for you, either in times of sorrow, heartbreak or you’re being showered with many blessings, you may not understand why things happen in this world good or bad but someday you will. Just remember to have faith and patience you’ll be rewarded in the end. God Bless.

Love is mankind’s medicine.

“Do small things with great love”  “Mother Theresa”


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