Some people are late bloomers, there is never a too late for anything, no matter your age, or what stage in life you’re currently at. it may come to you when least expect your mission in life to show up but when it does expect to be astounded, its an awesome experience.

There seem to be so many people that don’t know what direction they are going or what their purpose in this life is and they wonder why they are even existing while asking themselves what am I on earth for? or worse, my life has no purpose.

Your mission in life could come from a tragedy you have faced that leaves you wondering if God has abandoned you and how could our loving God let such discord and pain into your life.

I have witnessed many miraculous things come out of a person’s tragedies, so we just don’t know what God has in store for us.

The most important thing to focus on is God and that he has a plan for us although it surely doesn’t seem like it every single thing no matter how big or small just keep your faith that God is holding your hand every step of the way. This may not be shown to you in days, weeks or even years but eventually, you will be shown the purpose of your life and began to see your miracle in your tragedies.

Keep your eyes open, miracles are happening around you all the time and your guardian angel never leaves your side. Soon you’ll find out why you had to go through a hardship that may leave you mystified as to why?

Think about this for a second if you will, have you had a tragedy? did it leave you in a heap of emotions leaving you to think you’ll never be the same again? what if years later you find yourself having an epiphany, picture yourself looking towards the sky and saying God I understand now, so now you find yourself turning this tragedy into a personal growth experience and on this journey, you are helping many lives now and making miracles happen that came from your tragedy.

Keep focusing on faith. Here are some ways for you to keep the faith as your journey in life may seem more like a bad rock and roll show just keep on track help is on its way!

  • Try this, find a pastor either online or the radio. someone that you feel connected with the start following his/her shows, seminars, and teachings. You don’t even have to leave the privacy of your own home.
  • Start a log or journal about how you’re feeling, write all these things down daily or whenever you’re feeling like doing it. Look at your progress from time to time go back and read the beginning and see how far you’ve came
  • Count your blessings frequently take nothing for granted that God has given you either in the past or present, include family loved ones and friends thanking God for their health and happiness.
  • Thank God for the many blessings around you even if that includes the home you live in. Do this frequently you’ll be amazed how it helps.
  • If you think you don’t have faith or know what faith is? then ask yourself this when you go to sleep at night do you have faith you’ll wake up to another day? if you do then this is faith.

Keep up the good work and have faith in your journey whatever it may be it’s working for you and your where you should be all the time. Have faith, God has a plan and keeps reminding yourself God is with you every step of the way, he is your creator and he knows your heart and soul.

God Bless You Always.

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