Ever since I can remember I always saw the beauty in everything no matter what, this could be a person who others may not find attractive, instead I chose to look for their best quality and build on that.

Nothing is ever really ugly.


You may not find oyster shells very attractive but look inside of it’s shell you may find a beautiful pearl.

Everything you come across in life no matter how big or small is beautiful in some way. A person can have a scar from surgery and if it saved their life you can find that scar beautiful because that person is here on earth because of that particular scar. If we all look for the beauty in something instead of just looking at something in a negative manner you’ll begin to find more positives than negatives.

I’ve always chosen to live life in a positive way, the quickest way to end an argument? “Try this” let say someone is yelling and screaming at you to the top of their lungs, right in the middle of this argument say something like this (You’re Beautiful even when you’re mad at me! then smile) in other words just say something positive about them or the situation. its most likely going to crack them up or make them mad at the moment but they’ll remember it in a positive way eventually, Just try it. It can’t hurt, right? be the better person. After all, you don’t know what they are harboring at the moment and what may have set them off and a calm response is better than an angry one which will always make a bad situation worse. For example, if you have a coiled up hissing snake at your feet would you poke it with a stick and make it strike you? no, I’m assuming you’d defuse that situation in a hurry.

By pushing out the negatives and bringing in positive thoughts you are not only helping yourself but you’re helping everyone around you. Being positive is a great way to improve your self-esteem, and even has many health benefits. What you do, say and even what you think always comes back to you no matter what in full circle. We are all energy forces on this earth so let’s put that energy into the universe and create positives.

For example, Have you ever listened to someone put another person down for whatever reason? you let that person say their piece and then respond right? knowing this person would love to hear that you feel the same way or have you add lib to this so called horrible person, try this the next time you find yourself listening to a friend, co-worker or an acquaintance’s Gossip belittle or just be plain ole mean about someone or something.

  1. Sincerely respond with I don’t know her/him very well, I’m sorry you had this experience with him/her maybe she is lonely, sad or hurting in some way we don’t realize.
  2. Suggest praying for him/her and explain that this person may be going through something we can’t see.
  3. Misery loves company, dont participate in his/her misery. Say something positive that fits the moment, nicely change the subject.
  4. When someone is complaining constantly always have a positive comeback, this may take awhile to take effect on this person and could be a very slow process but in time you’ll find it always works to the relief of everyone, including yourself and the negative person.
  5. One of my favorites is to think how awful my situation is but then stop and remind myself it certainly could be worse while  replaying in my mind what those awful things could be, by the time I’m finished imagining a worse case scenario I can definitely agree with myself and in a few moments time I always start to feel much better.
  6. Relax and let things happen, you can’t always control what’s happening around you but you can control how you think and how you act apon it by making it more positive.
  7. Learn to let someone you love with all of your heart and soul go if they no longer wish to share their life with you any longer. Make a positive out of your broken heart by loving that person so much in such an unconditional way that you pray they will be happy, after all, if you really love this person you want the best for them even if it isn’t with you? Don’t be bitter hateful or spiteful towards this person, practicing this kind of positivity towards this person who no longer wishes to remain in your life “Doesn’t mean you don’t love that person it means you do” find the positivity in such a situation like this no matter how hard it may break your heart. Smile in your heart at just the thought of them and send positive vibes to that person wishing them well. That is love.

Know that everything in this life passes, it may seem like it’s passing through like an EF 5 tossing your life around and everything in it that you’ve ever worked for and the experience has brought you to your knees in heartbreak and sorrow. Keep the faith that time heals all wounds although we may never forget whats happened to us sometimes we are given things we don’t understand at the moment it’s happening. keep trying to stay focused on being positive, in time you’ll have your answer as to why it’s happening or happened.

Just remember to keep love in your heart at all times by loving everything around you while being thankful for everything good in your life, find beauty in everything you come across doing this you’ll find can push all the negatives away and turn them into positives filling your heart with joy, peace and most of all love.

God Bless Love to all reading this keep up the good work your on your way to a more positive life, you got this I’m certain.


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