Signs your loved ones are near you may come in many different forms. For instance, say you just lost your mother and you’re not dealing with her passing very well. You’re grieving deeply. You are inconsolable, then all of the sudden a song comes on the radio that you haven’t heard for decades. This song was you and your mother’s song when you were a child. You may cast it off as a coincidence but can’t shake it off. You wonder if it may have been a sign your mother was near? Quite possibly, it was.

The good news is our loved ones do give us signs that they’re there for us. Some know right away they have been visited by a loved one and some cast it off as coincidence.

Here are a few signs indicating you may have been a visited from a deceased loved one.

  • Asking for a specific sign may not come at the very moment you stop your prayer/meditation but watch for it. Remember all prayers are answered in the best possible way. Be open to creative ways that God will communicate with you.
  • Look for signs a loved one is near when you are in crisis, such as imminent danger, or you may be very ill, or sadly you may have a child that is very ill. It could also be as simple as having a hard time transitioning through something in your life.
  •  You could be all alone, and all of the sudden you smell the scent of your deceased loved one’s favorite perfume. You remember this as her signature scent.
  • Out of nowhere, you’re smelling a strong scent of cigarette smoke when you don’t smoke, and you’re in an area that is impossible for someone to be smoking.
  • It could be your grandmother’s apple pie is wafting through the room as if it’s coming straight out of the oven.
  • Other signs may be, your loved one’s favorite bird which comes to you and lands on your deck while you’re having your morning coffee. Normally this isn’t even a bird you see in your area.
  • Some loved ones come to you while your dreaming with special messages.
  • Some people sense a strong presence of a deceased loved one
  • Look out for meaningful numbers, such as a beloved friend or relative you were extremely close to her and miss her/him very much. You’re thinking about her/him and you happen to notice the license plates numbers in front of you while being held up in traffic the numbers happen to be the exact birth year and day he/she were born. (This happened to a friend of mine just weeks ago, in fact, we were on the phone when it happened.)  You could also see this same message on a sales receipt etc, just keep an eye out for it.
  • The numbers 333 and 1111 as some believe are the numbers in the day when the Angels visit. Some have claimed to have looked at their clock at that particular time and their deceased loved one’s favorite song is playing at the same time. Coincidence or a loved one’s visit? You decide, but I’d like to see this as a loved one’s visit.
  • Let’s say one of your loved one’s favorite little creatures were butterflies. You may be thinking of him/her and all of a sudden a butterfly comes to view and may even land on you. One may consider this a visit from beyond and your loved one is passing by to say a quick hello.

All these listed above could very well be signs your loved one is near, either to comfort you or just dropping by to say hello. So embrace these signs that your loved one is near.


Keeping an eye out for signs a loved one is trying to reach out to you isn’t a hard thing to do. It will happen when you least expect it to. Learn to recognize them and embrace these signs and take comfort your loved ones are still near you.

God Bless and Keep strong everything is going to be alright. Just trust in God. He’s listening and sending you signs from your loved ones above.


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