Let’s explain what Intuition is and how to recognize this gift we are all born with, although recognizing that some of us are more highly in tune with this gift, therefore, a lot easier for them to recognize it. There are some that tend to bury it thinking they will be made fun of or it’s just their imagination.

You may be asking what is Intuition? some choose to relate Intuition and talk of intuitive skills and associate these skills and group them with Psychic’s, Mediums, new age religions, cults or things pertaining to the Metaphysical world and beliefs but respectfully speaking all intuition is, is one of the most wonderful gifts all of us are naturally born with.


However you choose to perceive these skills, I truly believe that we are all born with these gifts but somehow along our life’s journey we have lost these abilities to use these gifts because maybe we don’t trust this or maybe we don’t recognize it and we ignored these feelings for so long we don’t even know how to use it anymore. Those that have to learn to trust and follow their Intuition have found they were better off by doing so in making their life’s choices, also they are able to see a situation immediately whether good or bad trusting their inner clarity and what their body is telling them at the time.

Some people have claimed they had a gut feeling they shouldn’t or should have done something. If they would have gone with their first instinct and not let any other thing cloud their minds they would have made the right decision.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Have you ever had a feeling something just wasn’t right?
  • Felt immediately someone was being untruthful?
  • something inside of you told you that you were entering a dangerous situation?
  • have you ever a bad feeling about someone or something?

Did you listen to that inner voice and that feeling you get inside of you (usually happens in the first 1-3 seconds your faced with a situation, decision, or first hearing of something) This is your gut instinct/Intuition, let’s say you went with your first instinct and later learned that if you were to have gone into that situation you or the person you were with would have surely been in danger or possibly worse had you not listened to your instinct/intuition.

Here are some ways your body and mind are telling you and how to recognize your intuitive/intuition. Sometimes intuition can be subtle, learning how to recognize it can take some practice, some of these may help you.

  • Trust the first thing that comes to your mind in the first few seconds you are faced with a decision, for example, you just heard something and it doesn’t sound right to you immediately react and your very first thought in those 1-3 seconds this is normally how long it takes for your immediate response and this is your first instinct, but if you let anything else enter your mind after your first intuitive thought other things will come into your mind and cloud your intuition making it harder to make your decision.
  •  Intuition is a form of knowing and when you feel it sometimes it feels as if it doesn’t have any logical explanation.
  • When tuning into your intuition recognize these feelings, calm, peaceful, knowing it is just right.
  •  We are taught that the logical and rational mind is the way we should be thinking and this is our decision-making tools, therefore, we are losing the ability to tap into our intuitive skills and natural born intuitions.
  • Intuition is the person’s most skillful and important tool for life guidance.
  • When faced with a decision to do right and wrong trust your body, if you feel a tightening in your chest and a pulling feeling, dread and unshakable doubt, this is the wrong decision (try and not rationalize it) If you feel a calm, peaceful feeling and a relief followed by pulling back from the situation and quite possibly having to walk away from it the trust this was the right decision made.

Let’s learn to use your bodies responses to any daily situations you will face in recognizing your bodies responses this is a highly effective tool in your quest to tune back into your natural born gift (Intuition)

  • Your body is giving you signals all the time, for instance, you get butterflies, your stomach suddenly feels sick and your filled with darkness and fear when faced with the situation, some people describe this as a feeling like a heavy blanket has just being thrown around them, all these signs are your bodies way of telling you something isn’t right, go with it and divert the situation even if someone thinks your crazy or puts you down for backing out of the situation you’re faced with.
  • Another feeling something isn’t right is the first thought you should go with instead of rationalizing the situation or telling yourself you’re just imagining things if something is telling you something then it’s usually something to pay closer attention too.
  • When speaking with someone you suddenly get a warm peaceful feeling because your intuition is telling you said the right thing at the right moment.
  • Let’s set a scenario here. Someone is faced with a decision whether to do one thing or another, it may be as simple as do I go to work today or do I take the neighbor lady to the doctor who tells you just as your getting into your car to go to work that she has no other way to get to her Doctors appointment and she’s about to be late as her car will not start, your both in the country and (There is no public transportation that could even get there in time to take her if at all) at this point do you tell her no that you will surely lose your job if you don’t go in today to that important staff meeting? you do have that option but something tells you to take her to her appointment (not out of guilt but just a feeling your having) your body is giving you signals at this point (That subtle stabbing feeling in your heart) you set take a deep breath and relax, letting your mind clear for a bit and reflect on the situation and something in your heart tells you to call in and take your friend to the doctor, days later your Friend calls with the results from let’s say her blood work or a test they had taken, your friend proceeds to tell you hadn’t taken her to the doctor at the last moments no they wouldn’t have been able to save her. Sure there’s logic that tells you may lose your job if you don’t go to work that day, but your body and mind are telling you different. You went with your Intuition and it worked, later on, your Boss understood and everything was ok. You trusted your inner voice as this was your intuition talking to you and saved your neighbor’s life in the process.
  • You may feel chills/goosebumps when you know you’ve made the right decision.
  • You may experience the excitement and sudden happiness when making the right choice.
  • Lets say your lost and your not sure where to go, go with your first intuition.



By learning how to tap into these emotions and recognize this gift using your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul will help you learn this God-Given gift of intuition you have been blessed with, so tune in and stay tuned! I hope this helps you on your journey to the voice of your Spirit (Intuition)


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