Seems we hear a lot about soul mates these days. Some may ask the question, “What is a soul mate?”

Seems every time we turn around we’re hearing a person asking this very question.

I have composed a list of things I have found very useful in the search for a soulmate and how you can tell when you meet that certain someone.


Listed below are a few things that may tell you, you’ve found your soul mate.

  1. You find you’re very comfortable with this person. You may feel like you’ve known them forever, or like you’ve met before.
  2. You find you’re very comfortable talking and telling him or her your most inner secrets
  3. When you’re down and troubled is this the person you turn to the most for comfort? If you answered, “Yes,” this is a very good sign.
  4. You still like your partner, even if they have annoying habits, and sometimes find you don’t agree on everything.
  5. You can imagine a future together, and you can’t imagine life without them now that you’ve found them, and forever doesn’t seem long enough.
  6. You’re both comfortable showing each other your most vulnerable side, your moments of weakness, and all your emotions. This shows your innermost trust for one another.
  7. You may not agree with his or her choices, but you respect your partner enough to let them be themselves, and you’re okay with it.
  8. You feel proud of your partner and want to bring them home to meet your family and friends.
  9. You both want to work out any differences you may have right away, so as to not have to keep stumbling into them in the future. You feel dedicated to doing so and confident it doesn’t have to be brought up again.
  10. You find you’re not only attracted to your partner’s looks or appearance but his or her personality, charm and other qualities you cherish. You find this person totally fascinating, with every moment you spend together. They never cease to amaze you.
  11. You feel you just can’t love anyone more with each passing day you spend together.
  12. Your silence is not awkward, and you find his or her company satisfying even if you’re not even engaging in conversation. Their presence speaks volumes.
  13. You feel okay with his female friends and he is okay with your male friendships. They (their friends) have even become your friends. In this case, there’s not much room for jealousy because you’re very secure in your love for this person and his or her love for you.
  14. This person doesn’t change you, but instead, you start to examine your own self and realize you could make some changes for the better.
  15. This person makes you realize how dysfunctional or tumultuous your other relationships may have been in the past. You suddenly feel complete, happy, calm and secure with his person. Sure you have disagreements but you get through them in a calm, respectful way, and you get past those hard or difficult times and find peace in that they are now behind you.
  16. When this person hurts, you actually can feel their pain. You may even cry along with your partner. You want to do anything you can to have him or her feel better.
  17. People notice both of you and comment on how much chemistry there is between you.
  18. You can make each other laugh at the strangest things and can make each other feel better just by even making a silly face, or using an inside joke. You can find humor in tough times.
  19. It’s not so much a sex-thing but intimacy, without even having to touch each other. A simple smile or looking at your partner’s face can bring joy and/or a sense of inner peace within you.
  20. This person seems to have the key that unlocks all your doors that lead right to your heart.
  21. You can’t see yourself with anyone else and you’re completely satisfied with your partner. You have no need to look any further. You know deep inside, no one could ever replace him or her.
  22. You only have eyes for one another. That’s a really good sign.


Finding your soulmate can come at any given time in your life. You could be 18, you could be 80 when that special someone can walk into your life.

These are just some of the signs that you may have found your soulmate.

Good luck in love.

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