Memorial Day, is a Federal Holiday celebrated on the last Monday of May and its meaning is to remember the People both men and woman who lost their lives in the United States of America’s armed forces.

This holiday is not to be confused with Veterans Day this day is to remember all that served and are currently serving in the Militaries Armed Forces, while Veterans Day this is a United States public holiday observed every year on November 11th, Veterans Day honors military veterans and people who serve in the Militaries armed forces.

Does it seem like some have forgotten or don’t really know the true meaning of why we have this federal holiday? “Memorial Day” do some seem to view this federal holiday as a mere 3 day weekend that kicks off the summer with BBQ’s, Parties and fun? this is all good but let’s try and remember why we have Memorial day, after all, its a day to remember, to reflect and teach the younger generations why we have this holiday in the first place.

Here are just a few things you and your children and can do to reflect on this special day and its true meaning you’ll find some tips on fun activities you can all do as a family while teaching them the true meaning.

  1. More than 1 million men and woman lost their lives fighting for our country this is a special day to honor respect and reflect on these special people who have lost their lives to protect us.
  2. The cost of freedom is high, this is a day to reflect on the highest sacrifice made to our country by giving up their lives.
  3. Remember families that have loved ones who have lost their lives in the military.
  4. These things we teach our children and what we do on this holiday models respect and honor for our children, it is very important to teach your children the importance of this special holiday and its purpose.
  5. It is a day to honor, show respect for the men and woman that have lost their lives protecting us
  6. Do some volunteer work on Memorial day ask around town what help you might be to celebrate this special day.
  7. Compels us to pray
  8. Teach your children about the American flag and its meaning
  9. plan your family BBQ and have your children do something fun in the kitchen such as letting them bake red white and blue cupcakes for the party.
  10. Plan some patriotic fun activities that you can do with your family
  11. Teach your children the meaning of why and how the American flag is flown on Memorial Day, flags are quickly raised to full staff position then slowly lowered to half-staff where they remain dawn to noon to honor the lost lives of service men and woman of this country. From noon until sunrise the flag is quickly raised from half staff to full staff until sunset to honor the living veterans who served the country.
  12. There may be friends or family members who have lost a loved one in the Military, you and your children could make something such as a card or gift for the family and present these items to them.
  13. Take the children and family to a local memorial day event enjoy the events while they learn the special meaning of this day at the same time.

Make every memorial day special by making memories honoring the people that have lost their lives serving us and our country while teaching our future generations the true meaning of this honorable holiday have a safe and blessed holiday, I hope some of these tips have been helpful.



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