Many of us have already heard about healthy and unhealthy relationships but defining what is healthy and what is not healthy can be tricky sometimes.

There are so many twists, turns, and curves when you’re in a relationship sometimes rendering them to be labeled as just plain old complicated, well it doesn’t have to be, whatever you may call the relationship your in, does it seem healthy? let’s look at some things we can consider for a healthy relationship, so you can be on the right track for success in your romantic relationship.



10 tips for a healthy relationship.

  1. You and your partner are pretty much on the same page when it comes to your values and goals. You both know what your common goals are. What you wish to accomplish in life. You are both very committed to achieving these things together.
  2. You both trust one another and you openly discuss everything whether it be good or bad. You have no hidden secrets, past or present. You have nothing to hide from one another. privacy is a must in every relationship but you shouldn’t have anything to hide that would hurt your partner in any way or destroy your trust in one another.
  3. It is healthy to keep your own identity within the relationship for both partners involved. One of the advantages of having your own identity is you don’t lose yourself and neither does your partner, you feel free to be yourself around your partner and don’t have to turn into anyone else. Your partner excepts you as you are.
  4. You enjoy spending quality time together but also give your partner the space to enjoy time to do things on their own.
  5. In healthy relationships both partners allow their partner to grow and change. You both encourage each other’s careers, opportunities and allow each other to grow.
  6. You’re never afraid to bring up new ideas such as any needs or wants “within reason” time is set aside to discuss any issues that may arise, good communication being the key to any healthy relationship, you and your partner never feel scared to bring up any subject by listening to each other and respecting each other’s opinions and suggestions.
  7. Understanding that with each and every couple you will always have something that comes up within the relationship, that they will have to compromise on and in doing so both partners will come to an agreement that both people can live with and be comfortable with the outcome.
  8. You both have realistic expectations for the relationship, unrealistic expectations are always a set up for failure.
  9. Each partner equally contributes to the relationship in whatever it may be. Leaving one or the other partner with all or most of the responsibility in the relationship or living situation will most surely leave one or the other partner resentful or feeling taken advantage of, so come to a compromise on who will share what and how it will be equally divided. Remember this is a team effort.
  10. Last but not least when you met your partner they surely had close friends and family although supporting your partner’s relationships with their friends and family is very important, also support your partner and let them feel number 1 in your life, above all else your partner should never feel second best.

I hope some of these things on this list will help you on your way to a healthy, happy relationship, good luck and keep up the good work.


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