Disrespect comes in many forms you may be faced with a partner who disrespects you or vice versa When this happens your torn apart at the seams and it seems nothing will or can go right for both of you.

There are many ways to disrespect your partner. I’ve compiled several different scenarios that show disrespect and you may not even recognize it.

  • When your partner comes home from work, do you let him or her have some time to themselves to unwind and relax? has your partner asked for time for him or herself and has shown frustration with you for not respecting your boundaries?
  • Avoid starting an emotionally draining conversation late at night.
  • Do not make insults or mockery towards your partner, joking can be a form of abuse. Choose your words carefully.
  • Comparing your partner to another is never wise, your partner has his or her own qualities build your partner up never tear them down.
  • Keep focused on your partner’s individual qualities
  • Keep joke’s about your partner to a minimun if any.The old saying There’s always a bit of truth in every joke could be true, indirectly insulting to your partner is cruel.
  • Don’t expect your partner to constantly wait on you, doing favors is one thing expecting them is another.
  • Do not do things to your partner you would not want to be done to you
  • Never joke about your partner’s looks or body shame, that is more damaging than you may realize. If your partner doesn’t feel attractive or good enough for you we all know where that relationship is going.

Over talking your partner when they’re trying to speak out can make your partner shut down, remember your communicating and it’s not a contest to see who gets the first or last word in.

Many partners think humiliating or belittling their partners will get the desired results, nagging bullying or threatening none of the above works, it usually will have the opposite effect.

Putting your partner’s needs first is very important. He or she is the most important person in the world after all this is your better half, include him or her in your daily life. for instance, if you are invited for drinks after work and your wife has had a bad day and you decide not to go home and you choose to go out with your co-workers instead of being there for her, this sends a clear signal to your partner she does not come first.

If your partner is complaining that he or she feels last on your list its time for a talk.

When you’re out in public to make sure you introduce your partner accordingly when running into friends or acquaintances. never just assume your wife or husband isn’t interested even if they are not it’s still a respectful gesture on your part.

How to cope with disrespect.

  • speak up if you think your partner is disrespecting you
  • Holding in your emotions will only make your angry and resentful instead as soon as you feel like something was said in a disrespectful manner to let your partner know he or she said something that hurt your feelings maybe you can both work on it at that point and never have to bring it up again
  • Let your partner know you have to leave for a minute if the argument is heated as to not let the argument escalate. Respect your partner’s decision at that moment and give them a few minutes to regroup

All in all, you are your partners best friend you should try and take the time to build your partner up instead of tearing them down. remembering the most important thing is this do unto your partner as you would like them to do to you, so whatever you wouldn’t want your partner doing, you’d better not be doing the same thing, the old double standard isn’t going to work here.

If you wouldn’t say the same thing to your friend’s co-workers or family members then you certainly shouldn’t say it to your partner.

Love Honor and cherish your partner through thick and thin after all this world is tough enough and to have a partner is a gift from God.

Never take advantage of the one you love.

God Bless take care xoxoxo


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