The highway is full of vehicles of all shapes sizes and colors. We see motorcycles, vans, trucks, semi’s, busses, you name it, the passengers themselves and how some of us may view them? Some may think it’s just another obstacle in the way of their daily commute. While others may view them annoying among other things

So let’s talk about the passengers in the vehicles well we may rarely think of them as families friends or relatives but let’s take a moment to talk about safety and the people in these vehicles who are just as important as you are on the road.

Tips on safety

  • Research shows sticking to the middle lane is probably the quickest and safest way to get to where you’re going.
  • Drive defensively
  • Don’t speed through yellow lights
  • Make a complete stop at the stop sign
  • Never drive slow in the fast lane
  • Use your horn sparingly, usually to let others know of your presence
  • Use your turn signal
  • If you can, let the other person in the lane they need.
  • While changing lanes do not cut the other person off
  • Pack a safety kit flashlights, flares, jumper cables, even extra blankets
  • Pack a Medicine kit at all times

Always check the weather ahead of time, whether you are planning a weekend trip or a 2-week road trip its wise to plan ahead for unexpected weather.

Other important safety tips

  • Think about taking a refresher course on driving.
  • Know the laws of other states before traveling, different states have different rules.
  • you can pick this information up online on what states you are traveling in and their rules, Also DMV
  • Driving while tired, eating, improper cell phone use in some states is as serious as a DWI (driving while impaired) or (driving while intoxicated) DUI now
  • Crate your animals, animals can be very distracting while driving
  • Always double check when changing lanes watch for blind spots, every car has them.

Do Not become a driving statistic, 3 million people die on the road each year in road crashes on average of 3,287 a day. An additional 20-60 million are temporarily or permanently disabled

  • on average 8,000 people, ages 16-20 die on the road each year
  • Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in the US
  • Over 16 thousand children under the age 15 die in crashes each year

Reduce Road Crashes

Road safety is a shared responsibility in reducing road crashes and helping with road safety it requires the participation of people from many different agencies, law enforcement, motor vehicle designers, speed limits in certain areas, health professionals and community groups.

School zones (why is it only 20 miles an hour and not 30)The speed zones are specifically set for 20 miles an hour for a reason the reason being the average stopping time for a car at the speed of 20 miles an hour is 20 feet and the average stopping time for 30 is 45 making this a big difference if there are children present and lessening the chances of a child being injured at a lower rate of speed.

Being in a hurry, daydreaming and other distractions can really be hazardous. These are just a few simple reminders and tips the next time you are on the road while keeping in mind everyone is as important as you are on the road, be kind and courteous.

God Bless Be Safe.


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