Through the years I have run into many elderly married couples, I can’t help but ask them questions such as to how they managed a successful marriage for so many years. luckily when Iv’e asked these questions about how long they have been married and what their secret is? they have all been happy to tell their story.

I happened to run into a couple at the story today and I noticed the checkout lady being very friendly with the elderly gentleman in the next check-out line and he was quite friendly with her both calling each other sweetheart, I smiled and she smiled back at me telling me he was her husband.

I said oh how cute!  She then said, not only is he my husband but we have been married 56 years, astonished by what she just said I repeated it back to her, 56 years? wow, people are lucky to have a marriage last 2 years or have a relationship that last’s more than 6 months are you serious? she said yes he and I were high school sweethearts.

Still, in amazement, I had to ask the question she’d been probably asked hundreds of times already, what is your secret? she took a deep breath and again smiled and went on to tell me in the few minutes we shared together a short version of their life together.

Well Dear she said, we never grew up, I then laughed saying well I guess that’s a good thing, she said yes it is, we always have fun, we enjoy each others company and we frequently reminisce about the past and cherish each day we have with each other knowing it could be our last,  We have mutual respect, love and share many of the same friends and never we let anyone come between us.

I then with all of my heart congratulated both of them saying that I truly feel blessed to have met the both of you. You’re amazing, you truly are! Thinking to myself wow this is how it should be but sadly not so many of us are as lucky.

I noticed he was still standing there and said Honey don’t forget to get stamps tonight, she said I won’t sweetheart, of course, they had my heart from then on, how can I ever forget these two. She then went on to explain to me still smiling after he left that she’d forgotten yesterday to get the postage stamps and he was kindly reminding her and she’d better remember to pick them up today and also because he’s a relative he cannot use her lane (Policy for this shopping center)

Watching them and seeing so much love, kindness and tenderness for each other, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat bittersweet as I see nowadays so many throwaway relationships, with couples giving up without a fight and throwing what could possibly be a loving, lifelong fulfilling relationship and tossing it away thinking something or someone is better around the corner, sad but people just don’t put their heart and soul into marriage or relationships like they used to. So this experience both saddened and made me happy at the same time seeing as I got the chance to see true love still exists with just a few minutes glimpse of this couple and their lives together. I congratulated both of them with all of my heart and then I was on my way.

Another amazing couple I was lucky enough to have met almost 2 years ago, were a man and woman who had been married a whopping 63 years. I couldn’t help but stop them and ask the both of them, how long have you been married? (Noticing they had two matching well worn Gold wedding bands) I knew their story before they even told me but I was lucky enough to have them to confirm it and they both proudly shared a quick version of their lengthy Love story (They too had been high school sweethearts her being 15 and him being 16 at the time they met.

After showing much appreciation to the both of them for and setting a fine example to all. I was honored to have just witnessed and realized at that moment what real and true love is all about.  After they finished their story I felt compelled to write about them and asked if I could take their picture and maybe write a story about them, they graciously accepted.

Below are this couple’s picture and their story, they were proud to have their picture taken and said they would be honored that I would write about them.  I was lucky to have saved my writing from almost two years ago so as I can share their wonderful love story with you, below is this couple’s picture and their story.

June 16th, 2015
(What I learned today) I saw what real Love really looks like today, it was more Beautiful than any words I can say to describe it, I looked up from my Phone and noticed an elderly couple that had to be in their 80’s, it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t showy and they didn’t have to brag, it wasn’t a Beautiful Dress she was wearing nor was his a fancy suit and tie, but (they were both Beautiful) it was a priceless and Beautiful story they wore! I recognized it instantly in my very own Soul at the sight of both of them I automatically said Wow!! how long have you been Married? The Man being guided slowly by his Wife so he wouldn’t slip or fall, looked up from his hunched over body and walking device and looked directly in my eyes and slightly smiled as he was surprised someone talked to him, he quietly but proudly said to me “we’ve been Married 63 years” she nodded her head and smiled, I said God Bless you both! at that moment they both smiled at me and Thanked me! I said, with my whole Heart and Soul! I should Thank you! I knew their story before they even told me, I said you have Children! they said yes and many Grand Children and Great Grand Children. It was a love that was written all over both of their faces of a life of Love, Hopes, Dreams and many hard times but they had gotten through it.
My point to this Story is to be good to the one you Love, don’t throw it away for a cheap thrill, or another Beautiful woman in some Fancy Dress or some handsome charming Man that hasn’t good intentions for you. Don’t put any other Person or thing between yourself and the one you Love. Believe in Love, I saw it today. Dreams can come true and hard times arise but sometimes we give up too soon. So many of us just throw love away and don’t even recognize it when they see it. It seems the words are true when they say Faith, Hope, and Love is all we need in life to succeed.
This is a true real life story of love.

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