In my life time, I’ve said many Goodbyes, I was born a military brat the term I’m not fond of but heard it throughout my childhood. We moved every few years, changed schools so many times I lost count, these transfers every few years were somewhat tragic for me, as I have always longed for stability, security and life long friendships, sadly this lifestyle couldn’t provide this for me.

It seemed every time I turned around I was saying the dreaded Goodbye. Life has its twists and turns but for me Goodbyes were always my hardest.

Whether it was a cherished pet I had to give up or leave friends and family behind countless times.  I’ll never forget the many planes trains and automobiles that were forever taking me to unknown places and meeting all kinds of strangers. I rarely found this fun.

I do have fond memories of me and my sister, we learned to be each other’s best friends growing up because we had no one during these times of transitions. The beauty in this bond we share to this day has kept us close, although she is across the country from me we talk frequently and try and see each other from time to time.

This leads me to explain why I never use the words Goodbye but very few if any really know the reason or the story behind it. Some Friends questioned it and when I  explained it they understood.

Is there ever any good in goodbye? well at this point some may say No but let’s be a bit more positive here and say, there are good goodbyes here are a few examples of Goodbyes.

  1. rid yourself of negative people that cause hurt, pain or suffering in your life
  2.  letting go of that person that no longer wishes to be in your life. is this a sacrifice? it could be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life to give freedom to a person you love deeply by letting them go to live a better life. This certainly doesn’t  prove you don’t love them it actually proves you do in the most unselfish way possible if their happiness doesn’t include you any longer, letting go graciously even though it breaks your heart, this is a good bye.
  3. Say goodbye to your old self by creating a new healthier lifestyle. this can be quitting smoking and other bad habits that are hindering your chance to live a better life
  4. Go to a nice quiet peaceful spot close your eyes and meditate take yourself out of your body for a few minutes, pretend the person you’re looking at is someone else. do you like him/her? how can that person improve them self? now examine what you found out about yourself and come up with a plan to be a better you.
  5. let go of the past and most of all learn to forgive yourself, you are your own worst critic, right?
  6. Are there any past mistakes you have made in your life hindering your process to move forward in life? learn to love yourself enough to forgive yourself.
  7. Any addictions holding you back? sex addiction, food addiction? alcohol addictions? time to seek help and move forward.

Therefore there is good in goodbye, it can be the best thing that ever happens to you, you got this and you have the power to say this is my life and I’m getting stronger, healthier and wiser every day, I’m on my way to a better life. anyone wishing to come along on your journey to a better life just says “all aboard” Bon Voyage! Aloha, Ciao, Sayonara, Arrivederci, Adieus, however, you say it, it’s all the same.

God bless and most of all love yourself enough to say Goodbye to the old you and Hello to the new you!


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