Today I went on a nature walk to a park I had been to many times but today for the first time I saw the beauty in a place I’ve been to several times before. The reason I’m writing about this is I have learned in life you can find beauty in everything and everyone you see, whether that person can see it themselves or you just simply have to point it out to them.

In my nature walk, I saw many trees, various wildlife, and plants of all kinds native to the northwest and some transplants. I had an art teacher in middle school say to me once to not to just see things but to look at things, many time’s we all do this, we just look but we don’t see. can anyone describe their surroundings to a tee or down to every detail? I’ll bet if someone asked you little details about (this may sound silly) but what color is the wall covers in your home are they white or are they cream color? would you have to think about it? or have you even paid attention to that detail? I know I have had situations where I had to go and see certain details because I wasn’t sure and all the while I had looked at this same thing in my home hundreds of times, It brings me back to only looking my surroundings but not seeing or paying attention to details.

When seeing today instead of looking I seen the art forms around me, even the details on the bark of the trees were interesting and I was able to find beauty. The sky was gray but I looked and found interesting cloud formations, such as one cloud looked like a duck and another one seemed to take the shape of an angel. I was so taken in by seeing instead of just looking that I found other things to be amazing, I walked to the river and noticed a Duck and her babies, walking further I then saw a Beaver working on its habitat, what a beautiful creature I said to myself, as this amazing animal didn’t seem to notice me standing still and watching from a short distance, I felt honored to have been able to see him.

I then came to a trail that led to a bridge and stood on the bridge as the sun started to peak through the clouds, the wet leaves shined like dancing diamonds or crystals as I took in its beauty and all its glory around me while still seeing instead of looking.

There was a young couple obviously unaware of my existence or maybe not paying much attention to their surroundings, they seemed to be having the time of their life having a picnic lunch, they were so very much In love.  I smiled at their laughter and carefree mannerisms as I was approached by their big St Bernard, they quickly left their embrace to call their dog back from me but I asked if I could play with her for a minute she was so big but friendly, they said sure and I enjoyed the playful dog then brought her back to the couple while complimenting on how cute they looked together, they told me they were newly engaged and that they had a wedding date set for the end of this Summer, I promptly congratulated them and told them good luck before I turned to leave,  I smiled and waved goodbye, although the dog still wanted to play and they had to hold her back, we laughed.

Such a brief encounter but a lifetime of memories for the day, so I will leave you with this note, the next time you are feeling like you need an adventure, just remember something, the adventure can just be around the corner if you just see and not just look. God bless and enjoy your surroundings and remember this when you see things around you and the beauty, you’re in process of restoring your soul.

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