Do you ever feel you have to conform to everyone’s wishes or the likeliness of who they think you should be by consisting of a character they want you to be perceived of? don’t we all just want to be ourselves and be the person we know we are meant to be let’s find out how.

For those of you, that may be thinking you’re living a life of someone they don’t even recognize anymore this can be confusing, frustrating, stressful and confusing. Even causing some mental and physical stress.

Do you think you’re living a lie? are you a people pleaser? do you do things that other people want you to do because you might be afraid of offending them?  do you do things that go against your way of thinking, lowering your standards or values, then regret it later?

I have put some things together that may help you out if any of the above seem to pertain to you.

There is a statement we always hear “Just be yourself and everyone will love you” Have you asked what does this mean? for instance have you ever watched a small child just being and doing what they please? of course you have and they are happy being this way because this is their personality and who they are meant to be and part of every human being’s DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) this DNA makes up our individuality in all of us. of course, we will be taught to use manners and learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in this world but that shouldn’t stop us from being ourselves, should it? I don’t think so but most people do not think they can be themselves rather they put labels on themselves and some try to be someone they are not or like someone else such as a movie star or some popular girl in school.

Every person is born with a special purpose in this world, and with that God created all of us with such individuality that even those (Identical twins) split from the same ovum at conception, have their own individual traits qualities, looks,talents and gifts.

Here are some things to remember when telling yourself you are a beautiful individual with a special gift and unique quality that only you contain in yourself. Find your gifts and use them.

  1. Ask someone such as a teacher, church leader what they think your special gift is and what you are good at if you don’t see it in yourself yet.
  2. Sometimes our best qualities come out when we are helping others, focus on what that quality may be the next time you are in a position to help others
  3. Don’t compare yourself with others but rather look for people who challenge you, this may be someone you admire but don’t try to be that person but rather gather your thoughts on what gifts you have that might resemble that person strengths and use that to recognize these gifts in yourself.
  4.  Get together with like-minded people the old two heads are better than one may be even better when teaming up and creating ideas.
  5. Do you want to play a musical instrument but think you don’t have the talent? You won’t know unless you pick up an instrument of your choice and learn to play.
  6. Follow your obsessions, dreams, and passions, do not be afraid of criticisms.
  7. Do you daydream and invent things that you’ve never seen before? you may be an inventor. If Thomas Edison just daydreamed and never put his dreams into motion making his dreams happen for real we may not have seen the phonograph, the light bulb, or a battery for the electric car. He held more than 1,000 patents.
  8. Do you enjoy making people laugh? do people find you funny? you may be a comedian. Don’t laugh you might be!
  9. A lot of people love to sing but you may be thinking I can’t go out there and sing there are millions of singers out there!! all it takes is the right person to recognize your voice as special and unique and there you go, you’re on your way to having a singing career.
  10. Are you compassionate? do you find you enjoy listening to others life stories whether it be this person’s addictions, tragedies, or life long struggles? you may be the type of person that belongs in the field of mental health.

These are just a few of the things that can help you along the way of discovering yourself, believe in yourself, hold your head up proud and say God made me and I’m awesome and I have a gift to give this world and set out to find this talent whatever it may be!

God Bless and most of all go love yourself!!


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