1. I will stress here on the importance of Travel Insurance, some people may disagree but I’ve heard too many stories of people ending up in hospitals for various reasons and the hospital stays costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But for just a small travel insurance fee they would have been covered. I know many people choose not to pay thinking if won’t happen to them, think of it as being safer than sorry. So think of spending just a few dollars extra for this even if its just peace of mind.
  2. Make travel plans but agree that a bit of spontaneity is important too. You may get to your location and want to spend more time in one area and if you have a bunch of things planned for an area and don’t like the location or attractions you may find yourself locked into staying there for a night or two rather than spending time in another place you really wanted to stay at. So don’t restrict yourself in the travel plans.
  3. Make sure you have your passport ready and to also carry around spare password photos if you’re traveling to destinations what may require extra identification (I’ve even heard of persons needing extra photo identification for buying a sim card) it’s very important to carry extra photos of yourself.
  4. Keep everything important with you at all times, I cannot tell you enough how many people who have thought their belongings were safe in their hotel rooms or even a safe only to find out everything went missing.
  5. Photos are very important especially when you’re in them, taking photos of the beautiful places on your travels are great but when you get home they are really not much different than anyone else’s,  so don’t be shy about asking someone to take a picture of you, I myself have never been turned down and unless someone’s having an emergency or they look like they are in a hurry its ok to ask a friendly person to take a photo of you, they’re usually much obliged.
  6. Try and learn the local language even if its just a few words, it will be very important if you happen to get lost or need to communicate if you’re in a precarious situation and without a bi-lingual person present. Install a translation apps before you leave home, this may be one of the most important things you do.
  7. This may sound a bit funny but when traveling consider the traffic, noise, people hollering and partying and various other noises and you’re exhausted and want to sleep? Don’t travel without your soft ear plugs. Thank me later.
  8. Bring more than one debit card with you, at least a few hundred dollars in both accounts, your bank or other institutions may lock your card for suspicious activity and it could take days to unlock your account, carry extra emergency cash also.
  9. Don’t expect everything to go perfectly on your trip, while some travel adventures have come off without a hitch try and remember to always be prepared. expecting everything to go perfectly will usually set you up for failure.
  10. It is a good idea to let your bank know when and where you will be traveling this lessons the chance your going to get your accounts (debit cards) locked up
  11. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, save up some travel money and pick a destination and enjoy experiences will last you a lifetime.
  12. Get your cell phone unlocked before you travel and you will be able to buy local SIM cards and access data at a lower rate saving you money as you travel, you can use this data to access maps if lost or snapchat your way around the city and can easily be contacted by the new friends you’ve made.
  13. Invest in a good camera, sometimes camera phones although they are being made with much better quality than before, most camera phones are not there yet. So pick up a great camera before you leave.
  14. Get a health checkup before you leave.

I hope some of these tips will help you on your exciting adventure. Most of all have fun, make some lifetime memories, you’re worth it! be Safe Travels.



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