In today’s modern world of dating its easier than ever to meet someone and find a date, with just a touch of your fingertips, you can find another person eager to meet you. With so many dating sites out here nowadays for whatever your preference is, there are millions of other people around the world you can connect with.

You have now entered the world of online dating.  Depending on whatever site you may choose to join these sites very from free dating sites to others charging a monthly fee. Some promising better results depending on your compatibility, with these sites you will be asked to fill out an online dating profile that may seem like an endless form displaying to the world why you would be an awesome catch.


Gone are the days of the bar scene every Friday and Saturday night. Now, after a long day, you can relax and enjoy looking through your emails from various suitors online vying for your attention. So you might pick someone that looks like they may be a good match for you, then you respond back to this person and you may or may not have a connection, so you move on from there. All the while, you’re safe, relaxed and in the privacy of your own home.

Then you might find you’re exchanging emails back and forth with a certain person on this particular dating site and you might both agree at this point you’ve made a connection. You may even be thinking that you might have found “the one,” so you take it to the next level, phone numbers are exchanged and you’re now talking on the phone.

At this stage, you may want to share your life story with this person as you’re sharing particular things about yourself and they are sharing things about themselves – but just remember – you really don’t know this person yet. And if unfortunately, you really didn’t have that connection with that person as you thought you had, and it doesn’t work out, you don’t want all of the intimate details of your life shared with just anyone.

For example, be careful that you don’t say something that may scare a potential partner away. Refrain from trashing and bashing former partners. In the end, it really doesn’t matter and it makes you look like less of a desirable person. You wouldn’t want him/her thinking you’ll eventually do the same thing to them, so just be careful at this stage. Keep the conversations light and fun. Remember, this is the fun stage. You wouldn’t want the other person feeling it’s a stressful job interview, do we? I think not.

Making conversation could be mentioning something about the person’s profile that caught their eye. It could be anywhere from letting him/her know how great they looked in Hawaii and let them talk about this trip if they’d like to share. Pick topics that are fun. You want your potential partner to know you have a life and share the fun and exciting side of you, this is an attractive quality and attribute.

In my opinion, you may want to refrain from sending any explicit adult photos of yourself , simply because you don’t want any material you send to end up in the wrong hands.

It is also not a good idea to start saying you think you’ve met your soul mate after 2 emails or a few phone calls this implies desperation (even if this is truly what your feeling at this time, don’t share this with your partner, not yet anyway). Think of how exciting it might be to share this information with your partner after a few weeks or months of dating. I can guarantee at that point he/she would love to hear this information, especially if the relationship is progressing well and you’re both agreeing this could be a long term relationship.

Keep in mind when entering the world of online dating and remember to be careful, don’t believe everything a person may tell you. Unfortunately, I must mention a lot of these sites are used for married persons or otherwise committed, or they may be using these sites because they can easily hide who they are online, and there are a lot of game-players out there. Also, criminals and criminal activity prevail, so just be wise and cautious. If you have a bad gut feeling about someone or something and it’s just not setting right, its time to move on.

I’m wishing you the best of luck in finding your eternal romantic partner or as some would like to call it (soul mate) and to have an everlasting prosperous, loving relationship.


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