Let’s sum it up or at least try to explain romantic relationships. Why are some relationships so easy and some so difficult? Having seen my share of relationships in my life romantic relationships are far more difficult to break apart and understand than any other relationships on the planet, I think many of you will agree. Why must some couples argue, fight, plead their point to the other person only to be left confused heartbroken, misunderstood and worst of all scared and lonely.

maybe you’ve been in a discussion and your partner suddenly hangs up and won’t take your calls when you try and call back your met with silence, confusion, this person says they  love you but why would they do such a painful thing like the dreaded silent treatment, they have chosen to shut you down maybe even laugh at you while they watch you plead and cry for them to pick up the phone or talk to you, your partner has just shut you down and shut you out they’ve left you feeling tons of negative, sad or devastated emotions that have you reeling with fear and sadness.

What do you do? My best advice is to leave them alone until they come around and are ready to talk but is this the way to deal with things? running away? No it’s not , in my opinion this person has just gained control of you if not the first time its happened then you’ve already experienced the pain time and time again. This kind of behavior no matter how many times its happened or how many times you have to put up with it, is unacceptable it’s the cruelest way to hurt your partner, it’s worse than physical pain. If you have explained this to your partner time and time again and they continue this behavior counseling may be the only way to be able to continue with the relationship.

In a relationship, the silent treatment can be a difficult pattern to break because if it is ingrained, relationships may then ultimately fail. The silent treatment is sometimes used as a control mechanism. Thesilent treatment is a passive-aggressive action where a person feels bad but is unable to express themselves.

Good luck and love God bless

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