Here we are again another year marking an anniversary of something important, whatever occasion this may be your celebrating we all remember one date on the calendar every year, that one date that we will never forget.


The most important celebration a person can have, in my opinion, is a wedding anniversary or that first time you met your partner.

Do you remember that first time you saw each other? the anticipation you felt, the butterflies the excitement? their face you’ll never forget the look in their eyes when they saw you, no one else was in the room it was only he/she you saw, your heart overflowed with love like you’ve seen this person before but where your not sure.

The connection you feel to this person is something you’ve never experienced and your life changes forever in that one moment your eyes meet and your arms go around them for the first time, in fact, this meeting could leave you feeling like you’ve seen this person before and you recognize them or its been many years since you’ve seen them. You may ask yourself is this how you feel when you’ve met your soulmate? because you cant imagine a better feeling of joy “if you will” this moment of cosmic impact!

So you agree to meet again and make plans for the next date/meeting.  The next few weeks both of you are planning your life together meeting each other’s friends family, you can’t wait for everyone to meet this new wonderful person in your life, these first few weeks are a blur of love and excitement, months go by and your planning for your future but like everything in life you’ll experience your ups and downs hopefully though your love stays strong and you work through whatever comes your way and both of your hearts play that special song only the both of you can hear and it all comes together harmoniously. A bit cheesy? maybe.

Sometimes these meetings turn into relationships and have beautiful happy endings but sadly some do not. The ones that do not work out like you may have planned doesn’t always exempt you from stopping and thinking of them every year no matter what you are doing you stop and remember this date on the calendar. You may find yourself wondering how they are, are they ok? did they just forget about me? did I even matter? you still love them but respect the fact they have moved on without a care in the world, not a good feeling it could possibly be one of the worst feelings in the world you can ever have.

You think of them fondly from time to time. You may want to pick up the phone and call them but fear rejection so you put the phone back down saying to yourself, they probably hate me and never want to talk to me again so you leave them alone, but not before that familiar hot tear slips down your cheek, the lump wells up in your throat and you suddenly feel sick to your stomach. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you planned but that doesn’t make it any easier, they ended it and you have to respect their decision and love them anyway but respectively from afar.

Only time will tell what happens in life as we all know life has its twists and turns. Keep your chin up you never know what will happen next and what God has in store for you. You may end up crossing paths again because after all if its meant to be Love will lead you back together right?

Love And God Bless…..


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