You have been dating for a few weeks or months, and he has suggested you both go on a vacation together. You can’t be more thrilled at the thought of this wonderful adventure you are planning with your new partner. You find yourself daydreaming and fantasizing of being together, just the two of you, whether it be an island adventure, a cruise or whatever destination you choose.

Going on your first trip together can either make or break a relationship. So here is some advice that could help prepare you for this.

Keep in mind your going go be spending 24-7 with this person and you hardly know them yet, so I’ll let you know, this could be a bit risky especially if the relationship is very new. Even so, if that’s what you both decide to do, lets take a look at some things that may make things go a little smoother. Hopefully you can lessen the chance of this dream vacation becoming disastrous.

First of all, plan the trip together and decide on a place that both you and your new partner agree on. Doing this helps both of you get excited and there’s a better chance you’ll both have fun if you pick a destination that is packed with both of your favorite things to do.

Remember. there is probably going to be a lot of hustle and bustle. You may be running to catch buses, taxi’s, renting cars. You might find you have lost something you needed for the trip, or someone forgets to bring something important with them, all these things can be adding a bit of stress. This could be a good opportunity to see how the other person handles stressful situations.

Okay, you’re finally at your destination point and things are starting to settle down. This could be the time you’ll start to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes, eating habits, sleep habits and all those other possibly annoying habits, that you may not have noticed before about him or her.

Try and remember this may not be a good time to reveal something about yourself that you haven’t spoken about before. Think again before you tell this person something that may be a bit of a shocker and remember you’ll have to stay with him or her for a few more days, so reveling something like this could be a deal breaker, making the whole trip uncomfortable, or worse a complete disaster.

Here are some things on the list below you may find helpful in make this trip a success.

  • Since this is new to both of you it would be a better idea to make this a weekend trip rather than a two week long vacation.
  • Find activities that both of you can enjoy together.
  • Plan ahead on how money will be spent and how expenses will be shared.
  • Try and avoid consuming to much alcohol. Its great to have a drink or two but to much alcohol could put you at risk of embarrassment for both of you.
  • Sharing your vacation with friends and family on social media can be part of the fun but it may be a good idea to discuss and set reasonable amounts of time you both spend on social media. This will help you stay focused on your partner. After all, this is why you planned this trip in the first place, to share time together, and not on your phone half the time.
  • Respect each other’s privacy.
  • Offer your partner a bit of alone time, he or she may welcome it or not , but at the very least your partner will appreciate being asked.
  • Talk about any fears or doubts you have beforehand so there are no surprises (fear of heights, etc.).

Your first trip is an important step in your relationship. Take this opportunity to form some great communication skills, while bonding and creating new intimacy. This could lead to taking your relationship a step further all the while keeping in mind your there to have fun and enjoy each other.



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