Its time and your thinking to yourself your ready to find your lifetime partner in the big sea of life. You’re thinking, “Where do I start?”

The first thing you can do, is to know what you want out of life and be ready to let a future partner know this right up front. Normally, someone would advise you that its unwise and you could scare off a potential partner on the first date. If he asks you what you want out of life or where you do see yourself in the next 2 to 5 years, and you tell him that you would like to be married in the next two years, have 2 maybe 3 children and a man who can support this dream with her and be happy with that kind of life style…

This approach is best, for example, lets say there is a mutual attraction with both people and he asks you out, say you’re at dinner. He or she may start out with what may seem like an interview. Instead of being afraid of telling him or her what you want, you tell him exactly what you want. Don’t be shy. Be honest. If he or she runs off and you never hear from him/her again, then guess what? Think of it like this: You are weeding out your garden, and as you weed out this garden you will then be able recognize the flowers. Of course this means weeding out the people that are not suitable partners for your journey in life. Don’t get discouraged because that was the best thing he or she could have done, is disappear.

When a person is honest, right away, this removes any doubts in what this person is looking for and what they’re not looking for. So in order to get the love you want and deserve, this is the way to go. You can make a list of some of the things you’re looking for in a partner. There is no harm in knowing what you want and what you want your life to end up like and who you see in it.

Here are 20 things to look for in a soulmate when creating your list

  1. Compatibility
  2. Non attached people
  3. Emotional maturity
  4. Eespectful
  5. Sensitive
  6. Independent
  7. Sense of humor
  8. Reliability
  9. Faithfulness
  10. Loyal
  11. Trustworthy
  12. Career minded
  13. Makes you feel validated
  14. Understanding
  15. Caring
  16. Loving
  17. Physically affectionate
  18. Supporting each others goals
  19. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself
  20. Someone who encourages you

Most of all, pick a partner where you can feel 100% yourself around. The less pressure you put on yourself, the happier you are with yourself, and the more at ease you are, will help to create a space to attract the right kind of people to you. Sometimes it takes seeing a lot of what you don’t want to figure out what you do want. Picking the right lifetime partner may seem hard but honestly sharing what you want in the beginning will save lots of potential heartache. There is incredible value in your honesty and of course you’re more likely to get what you want in the end.



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