We all have our own ways of perceiving love. You could be giving all the love that you have to your partner, but because your delivery method does not match your partner’s receptor circuitry, he or she is incapable of receiving your love at all. Each of us has our own innate love circuitry, so what it boils down to is that you have to communicate and transfer your love in a way that can be fully received by your mate.

In this respect, the way that you communicate your love to your mate is more important than the love you give, because if your partner is unable to receive it, what’s the point?

Your partner recognizes and feels the love in a particular way. If you spend some time researching when your mate has felt the most loved, then breaking down the circumstances that led to this feeling, you can often uncover the details of his or her particular love language.

We are all a complex combination of chemistry and circuitry which makes our heart complicated to access, but if you’re persistent and lovingly motivated to crack the code, the heart opens fully and true love is possible.

Because we are all different, it is rare if not peculiar, that two people hit it off and accidentally either shares the same love circuitry, or you just get lucky at being gifted with the perfectly matched love delivery system that fits your mate like a love glove.

When I work with couples, their love grows so incredibly, when they start modifying their love delivery system to match their partner’s receptive inputs. This creates a heart-to-heart connection which supersedes all other types of communication and connection.

What is most amazing to me, and the couples who have moved through this process is that they have the same love for their partner that they had before, but now the partner has the ability to receive every drop of it. And when two lovers share a solid love connection, there is no greater method and love grows exponentially, enabling them to achieve heights of love far beyond what was ever possible before.

Don’t be one of the many couples that love each other, but cannot effectively give and receive your love in a meaningful manner. Every day, two people who love each other deeply, see their relationships deteriorate and die, even though they exist in a sea of true love that goes to waste because it is not properly received.

You can give all the love in the world away, but if it is not received, there is little hope to achieve a long-term loving relationship, even if you’ve given all the love you possibly could have, and you find your beloved walking away, just as if you never loved them. Because, to him or her, they were unable to receive all the love you gave.

Same thing goes for you. Think about asking yourself, what are the actions or words that make you feel more loved than ever, and tell your love. Give them clues (or even an explicit roadmap) empowering them with the combination of your love lock.

Get to know your partner and discover how they are hooked up to receive love, and start making adjustments in your love delivery system to accommodate their receptor circuits, and watch the love light turn on and radiate the love you always wanted him or her to receive.


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