I took a survey of what kinds of sayings and phrases that people disliked the most and they came up with some pretty interesting things to say here we go.


  • Dan Overman-Anything is possible; it’s just that an infinite number of things are infinitely improbable.
  • Joe Decius- i hate it wen people say anythings bring back my dead friends then!,,smh!
  • Don A Sicard- I’ll be right with you.
  • Edward J Zander- moist
  • Don Given- Second one free just pay postage and handlin
  • Brian Flood- Kudos
  • Jim Lovejoy- The russians done it
  • Cyndy McPhee- Yuck…bae
  • Rick Vornbrock- you can make a difference
  • Vince Meehan Execeed your expectations
  • Rick Vornbrock- “that’s the 64,000 dollar question”
  • Vince Meehan –If it saves just one life it was worth it
  • Rick Vornbrock “it’s not the matter of if, it’s the matter of when”
  • Rick Vornbrock Manboobs
  • Rick Vornbrock awesome
  • Jim Lovejoy doo wop
  • Dean Johnson Yes! When people say I can’t without trying their best.
  • Roger Ascher sperm donor
  • Lynne Kramer I hate when people say “whatever”
    Whatever means F you
  • Jim Lovejoy calling old rock graffiti
  • Don A Sicard Let the fighting begin…
  • Bobby Gladd “We have a completely full flight today.”
  • Vince Meehan Thats what SHE said! huh huh huh
  • Steven Wooten Pretty much
  • Brian Joseph Vinezeano You go girl and I got this.
  • Dan Overman –It’s “what not”, and used appropriately and sparingly, it’s a supremely elegant folksy expression.
  • Bibi Adell And whatnot …
  • Vince Meehan My Bad
  • Ava Theriot K for okay and bae !!
  • Hilen Humphrey Yea but
  • Paul Marallo Jr. “if you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best”……….Ho, yousa pain in the ass at best.
  • Tom Haulter Jussayun
  • Roger Ascher undocumented immagrants
  • Roger Ascher Long story short
  • Roger Ascher I’m offended.
  • Darin Robinson Meal
  • Darin Robinson Crack me up
  • Darin Robinson On some real shit
  • Darin Robinson Not knowing the difference between weather and whether, thinking there’s only one for both meanings
  • Darin Robinson My guitarist says that at least 30 times a conversation
  • Elina Fitts In a nutshell
  • Terry Loftus Anything w/o doable
  • Mötley Mattila “K”… What the frick…
  • Laurrie Goetz You know what I mean?
  • Laurrie Goetz Here’s the key…?????
  • Andrea Forbing-Maglione “It’s better than the alternative.”
  • Jerry Manasco Literally the worst
  • Andrea Forbing-Maglione Or… “isn’t that ironic?” No, it’s NOT!
  • Taylor Demetroff When people use “literally” wrong
  • Heather Toll Ditto
  • Rick Vornbrock make America Great Britain again
  • Brandy Demetroff “make America great again”
  • John Bujak At the end of the day
  • Andrea Forbing-Maglione Good point!! Crap!!
  • Brandy Demetroff When dad says “it be ready”
  • John Fiesta Wuteva
  • Dave Clark Yolo
  • Jim Lovejoy old school

Well as you can see I’ve collected quite a few interesting comments from people “it is what it is” seems to be the most disliked phrase out of them all. I have heard it said a lot lately and as sayings come and go this one seems to be the most popular lately. With that being said I’m going to “Call it a night”  “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” “Sweet Dreams”

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