Have you ever asked yourself about what all this talk is about centering yourself is and what it would consist of? Some people center themselves by going to a certain spot that used to bring them comfort or some people center themselves by visiting a certain friend that always seems to say the right thing and know just when to say it.

I have heard of many ways that a person can center themselves when times are hard and they just feel overwhelmed and stressed out, I once heard someone say to me  ” I feel like a cracked egg and my yolk is running out” that’s a pretty good analogy I think. It explains why they’re feeling like all of their energy is drained.

Some say they feel much better just going away for awhile and being by themselves and away from everything by taking a vacation if at all possible, so this may work for some. Whatever works then go for it.

Let’s look at some ways to center yourself

  • If water is your thing pick a lake and rent a boat, enjoy the water and the peace
  • Have you had a tragic or sudden loss of a friend or loved one? take your time to properly grieve the loss, don’t let anyone tell you when it’s time to heal, everyone has their own time frame of healing, and each individual heals in their own unique way.
  • Talk to your local minister and get some spiritual counseling
  • Find a quiet place and meditate, possibly a nice spot in the woods, while listening to sounds of nature, this can be very peaceful.
  • Learn to love yourself and find the center point that is right for you, ask yourself what you need to do to get back on track and do it.
  • Try exercising, make use of that treadmill, exercise is a stress reliever and releases endorphins making your mood better
  • Do you live near mountains, the woods, the ocean, brooks or streams? if you do it may be a time to make use of this time and visit these areas, take this time to just reflect and think, soul searching isn’t just for the new age spiritualists it truly is a great way to center yourself by setting back and thinking about your life and your next move.
  • Walking barefoot on a path, feeling the earth beneath your feet can actually help ground you
  • If your not able to leave your house then set in a chair and ground yourself while barefoot, rooting your feet to the ground
  • Practice breathing techniques
  • Put some soft meditation music on in the background, darken your room and while lying on your bed imagining yourself in a beautiful place, take your pick of places to go, let your mind wander to  any beautiful place you choose, use that great imagination you have. Breath, relax, let go and find peace.
  • Do you have a hobby? take the time to paint that picture you haven’t finished yet.
  • Write in your Journal
  • Light a candle, close your eyes and Pray make sure you will not be interrupted by phones or any other distractions
  • Whenever we are centered we own our own energy
  •  Remember that the world is energy and so are we, plug yourself into your energy source whatever that may be.
  • Whenever we lose our center our energy leaks out, that may be why the person said that they felt like a cracked egg shell and their yolk was leaking out, makes sense to me.


So if you feel like life is stressing you out or you just feel lifeless and there’s nothing else to give,then this is the time to center yourself and let yourself connect to your energy source and began to feel better, Good luck on your journey to the center of none other than the beautiful person you are and remember most of all love yourself.



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