There are countless songs written about many different situations in life. Quite possibly you’ve had the unfortunate experience to have lost a loved one, either through their passing, or the sudden departure of a spouse or lover, never to be seen or heard from again, or a beloved pet. Then comes a certain song that will hit your heart right from the start. I call these songs, “Heart Songs”


There’s a saying that goes like this, “When you listen to a song, its just a song. But if your heart is broken, suddenly you listen to the words.” And it has a certain meaning to you now when you hear it. Some of the best music has been written by the artists that were going through the loss of a loved one or a sudden life changing experience. Do you have a Heart Song?

Music and song are one of life’s most beautiful gifts. While some of these songs can bring us to laughter or tears in an instant, there’s also the ones you hear and your mind goes back in time to the moment you first heard it driving with your best friend and suddenly (in your mind that is) you’re 16 again.

There has been many studies on how music effects the brain. Even just a few seconds of happy or sad music can effect us immediately. For instance, have you ever been in a great mood and a song comes on the radio and suddenly your mind goes to a sad moment that you may have been trying to not think about? Or you’re a bit down and you hear a happy song and the same thing; you’re suddenly happy and thinking happy thoughts? Amazing, I say, how this effects us so much.

Have you ever gotten chills from listening to a certain song? This feeling is caused by the brain’s release of a certain chemical called dopamine. Otherwise, known as the feel good hormone. It’s probably why music is such an emotional part of your life because of the emotions felt during the music.


Here are some amazing facts about how music effects our life:

  • Music is one of the things that actually utilizes the entire brain
  • Playing music regularly can physically alter your brain structure
  • Your brain responds to music the same way as it responds when you eat
  • Listening to fast paced music gives you more motivation and therefore a better work-out
  • An emotional attachment can be a reason you choose a favorite song

Just for fun here are some of what I call happy songs that can boost your mood if need be:

These are just a few of what I call Happy Songs, I hope you look some of them up and get those happy hormones flowing and find your “Happy Heart Song” Good Luck and most of all have fun !



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