Having had my own life experiences on love and books I have read on this subject. I have concluded that we all show a certain style when we are in love, some of these styles are called “The languages of love”. But you may be asking what does that mean? I’ll explain below.

Words of affirmation:  Showing appreciation, verbal compliments include

  1. If you know your partner responds well and feels loved when you compliment them then be prepared to compliment your partner on occasions.
  2. If your partner is a very giving person and they love it when you recognize what they have done for you, you could respond by showing your appreciation for them.
  3. The color of your shirt brings out your beautiful eyes.
  4. I appreciate the fact you are always on time, it makes me feel like I can depend on you and I love the fact you are always there for me.
  5. I know you work hard for the family, I’d love to do something special for you because you are so special to me. this could be as simple as making their favorite dinner.
  6. You can always cheer me up no matter what.
  7. Tell them how much they mean to you and why every day.
  8. Send them to work with a little love note where you know they will find it.
  9.  Let your partner know you think it is very sweet and thoughtful that you take the time out of your day to send a quick text message letting them know your thinking about them and while letting them know this let them know they don’t have to do it but you love it when they do, this way they won’t feel pressured into it but they will most likely repeat it knowing this makes you so happy.

Quality time: knowing your partner may sometimes need your undivided attention and this makes them feel loved. Then most definitely this would be considered one of your partner’s love languages, so take the time out of your busy schedule and find the time to connect with each other, Quality time doesn’t mean watching Netflix or a tv show, that only means they have your company but it’s not their undivided attention.

  1. Put your phone away
  2. Put any devices that can distract both of you
  3. Take a walk together
  4. Show each other how much you mean to each other by focusing on each other and nothing else during this time.
  5. Let them know your present and nothing else matters but them at the moment.


Receiving Gifts: It’s the little things that count.

  1. If you know your partner loves to receive gifts, they don’t have to be expensive ones.
  2. A small token such as a single rose may brighten her day.
  3. If you know your husband likes to receive gifts learn how to be creative in your gift giving.
  4. Get your partner a gift that fits the occasion whether its a good or bad occasion they will appreciate it.
  5. Does your partner have a favorite team? if this is the case find a blanket or coffee cup, ect, with the logo of their favorite team on it, hand it to them while they’re watching the game, nice gesture and it’s sure to be a hit.

Acts of service: If you know your partner feels loved when you do things for them then these are some examples of what you could do for your partner.

  1. This could be anywhere from taking your busy husband’s car in for an oil change to him picking the children up from school and taking them out for Ice-cream and letting you rest if you’ve had a tiring day.
  2. Do that chore for him or her you know isn’t his or her favorite thing to do, nice gesture and you’ll love seeing the person you love smiling lovingly at you for it.
  3. Thoughtfully planning special occasions knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes are extremely important and your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

Physical Touch: Get to know your partner’s boundaries of likes and dislikes on physical affection. Most often physical touch is the most powerful one of the “5 languages of love” do what is comfortable for both of you if this is the case.

  1. If your partner loves hugs stop on occasions and embrace your partner
  2. If your partner loves backrubs then, by all means, take the time to do this for your partner on occasions
  3. If holding hands if a choice then take your partner’s hands frequently showing affection towards him or her.
  4. If your partner is feeling tense or shows anxiety for something then know when to move in and hold him or her even the touch of your hand may be enough.

Just knowing a few of the 5 languages of love your on your way to a better more solid foundation for a long loving and lasting relationship. Good Luck and Love!



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