Here you will find the difference between healthy relationships vs abusive relationships.

some things to look for in a healthy relationship.

  1. Emotional security in a relationship is
  • Being appreciated
  • Being listened to and understood
  • Affection
  • Love
  • Companionship
  • To be nurtured
  • to be appreciated
  • Being Valued as a person

2. Financial security is

  • Both people know how much money is coming in and how much money is going out.
  • Healthy couples spend time together going over the budget and finances.
  • Discuss with your partner if one or the other decides they need to spend a significant amount of money and it’s not factored into your budget.
  • When bills are paid discuss with your partner how the extra money will be spent whether in savings or that trip you both would like to take.
  • Knowing that if one or the other handles finances openly and honestly there will be less resentful feelings about how finances are being held.

3. Physical security is

  • Knowing under any circumstance your partner will never harm you physically.
  • This Can be anywhere from knowing your secure in your living situation such as (not going to be kicked out) or knowing your personal property isn’t in jeopardy of being destroyed in any way by your partner.
  • Your physical security is based on a mutual trust formed for both persons involved in the relationship.
  • Physical security can even be defined as your partner looking out for your best interest concerning your mental or physical care, such as helping you get the proper medical attention.

No one plans on getting into an abusive relationship in fact when woman or men get out of an abusive relationship they will often say they will never get into another abusive relationship again only to find weeks, months or years later they are in another abusive relationship. Sadly it takes approximately 5-8 acts of violence before the victim has the courage or strength to get out of the abusive situation. Here are some signs your in an abusive situation.

  • Beware of a man or woman who pushes you into moving too fast in the relationship. This is a huge red flag.
  • Calling and texting constantly but when he/she doesn’t get a response back from you, they immediately jump to conclusions and accuse you of various wrongful acts such as cheating or lying about your whereabouts.
  • Very controlling, wanting to know your whereabouts constantly, timing your visits with friends or even a trip to the grocery store.
  • Wanting to go through your phone and your emails.
  • Unrealistic expectations, expecting perfection, for example, expecting everything done for them and wanting you to act like the perfect mate and when you don’t fit those expectations you’re accused of not loving him/her
  • Isolations, such as cutting you off of friends and family, choosing your friends and keeping you from doing your own thing. When you do things with your friends you’re accused of not putting the abuser first and says things such as you are selfish or only think of yourself.
  • He/she may blame others for his mistakes, and of course, blame you also saying it was all your fault
  • Being hypersensitive blaming you for all the things that are just part of life and putting the blame on your for not making things perfect for him/her
  • Sexual abuse could be forcing you into unwanted sex acts, manipulates you into sex when you’re tired or don’t feel well, may even use guilt trips on you.
  • curses degrades you and calls you names
  • They may admit to violence in the past.
  • Threatens violence but says he/she are only kidding



These are just some of the signs of an abusive relationship if any of these things listed above are happening in your relationship seek help immediately, there is help, your not alone.


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