I remember the first time I saw you, Dad brought you home in a blanket and handed you to me, I wasn’t but maybe 7 years old. You were so little but then again so was I,  Your bright eyes were staring at me it was love at first sight, such a delight to have you in my life like you’d always been there.


I squealed delight and my heart filled with joy as I squeezed you close and promised we’d be best friends forever! (WOW) I had a best friend! this tiny black and tan wonder didn’t talk much but we had millions of conversations and adventures together for the time we shared.

I guess there are many ways to communicate other than the usual banter and chit chat you hear all the time.  I have found if you listen close enough you can feel the words that are never spoken, that could possibly be the best conversation you can ever have.

We got the chance to grow up together we did everything, you were the best Dog ever and God knows you most likely saved me from peril many a time at that old lighthouse station I called home, with one wrong move, little did I know could have ended my life, with all the beauty around us there were cliffs that led to the Pacific Ocean, jagged rocks, cougars and such. Yes, Cougars I carelessly passed the keep out of tall grass sign warning of Cougars every day.

Our days were filled with adventures, I was quite the little daredevil but I didn’t know it, always choosing boys to play with rather than the girls. Boy’s just seemed to have it all, trucks, sand piles, trees, trails and all I knew is we were having fun, even so, I grew up to be quite the girly girl.

I could never forget this Dog I called Pepper. Every day we would have the best adventures this world could provide, each and every step (so I thought) we discovered the world for the very first time we were Pioneers on the Pacific West Coast and me a creative mind with a big imagination.

Could you have been my guardian angel? why not I say.

The school bus would drop me off each day at the top of the hill and I would run for the entrance and see a tiny black spot running as fast as it could towards me, this little black spot would become clearer and clearer getting bigger and bigger until we met and you’d jump into my arms, what a joyful experience. The happiest part of my day.

Our time together was unforgettable my furry little pal, one day I didn’t see you at the entrance and my heart fell, I know something was wrong I felt it in my heart, this would sadly be my first heart break, I was told when I reached the house that pepper had passed away, sadly pepper wasn’t seen by the man driving the big truck, she didn’t make it. So she was buried in the back yard.

I sometimes think that God puts these little creatures into our lives so we can experience a loss such as I had so we can understand the death of a loved one, such as an immediate family member or close friend. I’d like to think of it as a bit of a positive experience instead of being mad at God, although frightfully sad at the time. I believe it’s somewhat of a preparation for what life has to hand us at times.

I never forgot that feeling of my first heartbreak Pepper is irreplaceable but somehow this little child in me says I’ll see you again and we will run wild and free and it will all be ok again.

God says to enter the kingdom of heaven with the innocence of a child and not to be jaded, sarcastic, hateful, cynical, greedy, mean or hateful.

Love with all of your heart and remember everything happens for a reason even though it breaks our hearts sometimes and we feel we will never be the same, in some ways you won’t be the same but that’s ok too, for we grow every day, we learn to become a better person no matter your age or situation, I learn things about myself every day, for this helps me realize the better person I become, opening my mind to the possibility that I can be an even better person.

I believe we never stop growing, dreaming or learning about ourselves and if you just listen with your heart and soul you’ll hear with your heart and soul and not your ears. God talks to our hearts all the time, we just need to listen he’s always near.

Don’t lose faith, God Is in each and every one of us, God is Love and Love is God, we are Love.

God Bless


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