Random thoughts about love
Love is life, ideally, it is passed down through generations. You must absorb enough love before you can give it to others. Once you’ve absorbed enough love there’s a natural urge for it to overflow. Loving someone is not natural or automatic, it requires the decision to love. Love is not a need but it is the strongest wants we will ever have. if you don’t love yourself,  you can’t love anything else no matter how many loving things you do, self-love is the strongest.
We should never take mistreatment from someone just because we love them. we take mistreatment from someone because we agree with them that we are unlovable, also Loving someone does not mean that we love everything about them and everything they do.
Keep in mind loving ourselves doesn’t mean that we love everything we do either. Love cannot be earned and no one deserves to be loved. Love is too wonderful for any of us to have the right to it, sounds funny I know but it’s true.
Love does not need and need is not love. Sometimes need even kills love, love is not passion, while passion is not love but they do work well together.
Romantic love is somewhat overrated and overvalued. When you decide to love someone you are setting yourself up to eventually love everyone else.
  1. The love of strangers is greatly undervalued.
  2. Love is not something with quantity, meaning you can’t use it up if you give it to one person you are not robbing anyone else of it, time and energy, on the other hand, are quantities that can be used up, they all co-exist in all relationships.
  3. Love and hate are not opposites.
Never set up tests of someone’s love for you that show a lack of trust and insecurities on your part and it’s not fair to the other person or yourself. Love is very hard to kill, for some unconditional love will last forever like the love of your children or spouse, no matter what they do to you or to someone or something else.
Getting love is more of a matter of finding someone who can love you and you love them equally, receiving it without imagining any strings attached. Know that love can be a little scary to give to another person, know that trusting someone with your heart is the most precious things you can do in life, it is the most powerful give given to us and we give to each other.
You can see a lot when looking into someone’s eyes, the eyes are the window to the soul, look into the eyes of someone who loves you, your heart will tell you many things in the eyes of the one you love.
Love is not joy but it’s the biggest joy on earth to see and to spread around to everyone around you.
Above all just love yourself and spill the love from your heart to everyone around you, love is to be multiplied and not divided, now go, love, yourself. God Bless

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