You’ve been asked out on a date and have plans for Saturday night! You keep in touch throughout the week, excitement builds and you are both planning where you will spending the day or evening. Now you are wondering, “What should I wear?” at this point.

First impressions do count and you want this new person to view you in your best light depending on which place you choose. You want to show your fashion sense but stop before you spend all your savings on an outfit that has you subsisting on ramen noodles for the rest of the month. Do think twice about spending money on designer clothing that might leave 75% of us wondering if we should take up a second language just to pronounce name on the designer’s label.



It is a bit uncomfortable to ask your date how you should dress for the occasion but it should be discussed because both of you don’t want to show up overdressed or intimidate your date by the clothing you choose.

Try to stay away from wearing all black. As women, we love all black, it’s easy and safe but men like to see women in color and it’s a great way to show your personality. Choose vibrant colors, it gives the impression of a happy, energetic and warm personality that single people are looking for in a partner.

Ask yourself what your outfit says about you. There’s a difference between wanting to look flirty and sexy and leaving nothing to the imagination. That doesn’t mean you need to dress dowdy or frumpy, for example if you’re going to wear a short skirt. Don’t wear a low cut top. A good rule of thumb is to choose one area of your body you want to accentuate and pick an outfit that flatters this part of your figure.

You also want to be comfortable in what your wearing. You don’t want to be tugging and pulling an outfit that makes you feel self conscious about or wearing high heels that might be a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the evening. You may want to consider bringing another pair of shoes with you in case the date continues longer than expected.

Avoid joke t-shirts or slogans that can be offensive or clothing that is to tight, baggy or anything that may come off as you not caring about the date.

Try and wear light scents. Wearing overpowering scents whether they are colognes or perfume’s  can be a real turn off or worse yet they can set off an allergy and we surely wouldn’t want that happening. So, in my opinion, try usong little to no perfume, or stick to your signature scent if you have one, but again keep it light.

Find interesting topics to talk about. Try to remember no one wants to hear about your latest ex- or nasty divorce. What a downer that can be. If you really like this person, and all they can talk about is how they have been done wrong, its best to leave subjects like that alone unless its brought up. Even then, keep it light and short. Never talk badly about an ex-, it just makes you look bad and your date may be thinking that you may talk about him or her like that someday.

So as I said, try and keep it light and most of all have fun. It could lead to further dates and possibly a long term relationship, even marriage.


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