Hi Dad

I just wanted to write you a letter today and let you know I was thinking about how you taught me so much, sometimes I felt like you were too strong with being Military and so strict with us Girls, You saved me from all the Monsters at night when I’d call for you and you tried not to laugh when they were so real to me, you talked to me about life, right from wrong and to Watch out for those boys! then as I grew and had my own family your lessons went on to the Grandchildren, I don’t think the boys will ever forget you warning them about staying away from that Harocaine-(Heroine and Cocaine) part of your sense of humor.I can’t tell you how much we all laughed about that one.


I was so little when we would go for walks that all I could reach was your Thumb, I’ll never hold a Thumb and not think of you Daddy, your little Pumpkin, I miss you. You taught me how to respect the American Flag, how to fold it every night, gave me a little rag to shine the Fresnel lens and I felt so important, that those ships would be able to see that shiny light all because of our hard work every day and how happy it made me knowing those ships were guided safely because of our hard work every day.

Dad, you will always be my Light in the Darkness. I am the good and nice person and so are my Children a lot we owe to you, I miss you Dad, Love you, I’ll come visit you soon and listen to your war stories health issues and keep you company soon. You’ll never know unless you read this, how Proud I have always been of you. Love Ya Dad, Sherry Freels

Sadly this letter never made it to my Father, he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 76, 21 days after I wrote this and I didn’t get the chance to send it. My point to this is if there is someone out there that you have the chance to tell you love and appreciate, don’t wait until it’s too late, do it now you won’t regret it. Life is too short to harbor hate, vengefulness, and negativity.

On the bright side though I did send a card that made it to him about a week before he passed away but as I said above the Letter never made it. Dad’s caretaker said he was very happy to receive it. I got a card back from him the day he passed away. He was in Michigan at the time and me in Oregon, that’s the way my Dad worked though, he always had to have the last word in and it turned out he did just that.

RIP Dad we all love and miss you!

I thought this was fitting seeing as it’s close to Father’s Day.




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