Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail

Have you ever wondered why your relationships fail? Let’s take a look at this scenario: It looks like you’ve finally met the true love of your dreams but sadly not long after this, things are not looking very well and what looked like love in the beginning, is now nothing but your worst nightmare. Let’s take a look at the

Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail

Even though this relationship is looking pretty grave at this point, you find yourself exploring every opportunity to save it, from counseling sessions to endless hours of begging and pleading with your partner to trying to better communicate and work it out.

The ten reasons why relationships fail include

1. Basic compatibility

2. Communication styles

3. Boredom

4. Abusiveness

5. Lack of trust

6. Betrayal

7. Unmet expectations

8. Unfulfilled obligations

9. Money issues

10. Infidelity

These top 10 reasons that relationships fail are not always why relationships fail, nor are any of the other so-called reasons; the top 10 reasons listed above are symptoms while the underlying poison continues to spread – not only in your relationship – but most relationships in the world.

The real reason why relationships fail is due to the spread of this dangerous poison that spreads throughout out your body fueled by society. You’re not born with this poison that destroys and breaks down every love relationship you’re involved in, not just your romantic relationships. This poison leads to a lot of your failures and destruction of all kinds of relationships, including significant others, family, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, children, co-workers, bosses, and friends.

All of our relationships are at risk of being infected by this deadly poison, which is the real root cause of the death of any relationship.

The Truth: Why Relationships Fail

You might be surprised to discover there is only one reason that relationships fail. If you’re fervently seeking to find true love, you will never find it if you are infected with this poison.

Wonder what this so-called poison is? that will destroy any relationship you have and cause it to fall to pieces, no matter how you try to save it? Here it is:

The name of the poison is


Yes, “love;” the definition of it, the concept of it and everything you believe about it, love is the poison.
What if

Some of the things you have learned about love are wrong?

As I was saying above, you’ve been infected with this poison which has spread more and more with every interaction since the day you were born. Your parents, society, the media and even those lovely fairy tale movies and books that portray the happily ever after with the characters in these books being knights in shining armor, prince’s and princesses. And even that cute little fairy Godmother! These fairy tale books, movies, and stories that have been told have been planted in your mind as a young girl or boy. Not realizing this is a poison that conditions your mind so that you’re searching for a recreation of an unrealistic perception of what real love is supposed to be.


Join me for the

Awakening to True Love Workshop

Where in this all day event, you will learn what love really is, how to have it, get it and keep it without fear.

Awakening to True Love Workshop
Saturday, February 11, 2017
10:00 am -to- 6:00 pm
Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, Washington

Eliminate the poison that spreads the highly contagious disease of love that promotes possessiveness, jealousy, envy, suspicion, bitterness, dishonesty, controlling, abuse, judging others and yourself.

Instead, you will learn to love unconditionally and have true love in your intimate relationships amidst a society dominated by the disease of love.

You will find the source of the power of true love emanates from within your heart and does not come from outside yourself. Thinking that love comes from anywhere else is the lie that germinates the disease of love’s seeds.

In this 1 day event, you will

  • Learn to forgive and love yourself as you learn about how this poison we call love
  • Discover your inner strengths and realize the opinion of others, criticisms or expectations have no effect on or power over you.
  • Eliminate the risk of betrayal as true love’s trust cannot be broken.
  • Get to know you, who you are and who you were in your youth before your young mind was poisoned by the world around you
  • We will teach you how to in touch with your inner beauty and purity before society shed an impure light on your soul share your true love for another with your new found peace and serenity from within.

Your true love accepts others just the way they are; without criticism, opinions, or judgment. You will learn how to become masters of your own life, how to take back control of your life , learn to create the power of your own lives , you are the Master of your own life, come and join us in this beautiful adventure and learn to go back to the “you” you were born to be .

You will surely have a Spiritual experience that will never leave your soul and you will feel whole again. Come with us on this wonderful journey. Feel the love you’re meant to feel again. Become the master because you are the master of your life.

Awakening to true love in self-awareness, self-love and self-forgiveness empower you to accept yourself, love yourself in the mirror, loving your relationship whether it be with your spouse, friends or relatives but most of all learning to love yourself regardless of what anybody else thinks or says.

Learn how to love yourself and by extension everyone and everything else that is out there in our universe.

Awakening to True Love Workshop
Saturday, February 11, 2017
10:00 am -to- 6:00 pm
Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, Washington

Call (360) 748-4426, or email to reserve your spot today. Seating for this event is limited.

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