Falling In Love

Ah, Love… everyone wants it, everyone needs it, everyone has to have it. In fact, when a baby is born it shall surely die if not given the proper care and love he or she shall not survive without it.

I’ll say, “love is what we’re put on earth to do.”

While it comes easy for some, other’s may need a little help along the way.

Love, it comes in so many different forms; we love trees, we love!! love!! love!! this, and we love that, and with great enthusiasm! Well, okay, before I lose myself in love, here, I’m going to focus on the topic of “Romantic Love”

Initially, we fall in love and its all sunshine and roses, as they say, and the world is a better place. You see sunshine on a rainy day! The world is brighter and you’re so in love you can’t see straight and all that stuff goes with those first few days, weeks and months we fall in love. Not that we cannot always feel for that person and love that person for all eternity after this stage of love, it just settles into a different stage of the Relationship.

For example,

Stage 1 = Romance

Stage 2 = “Power Struggle”

stage 3 = “Stability”

stage 4 = “Commitment”

stage 5 = “Bliss”


Now,  I’m going to mention the love hormones we all have in our bodies. As these stages in the relationship where we enter into the next phase,  the hormones responsible for those feelings and emotions are an unbelievably massive dose of what’s called, “The Love Hormone” (The feel good hormone) Oxytocin, created by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, a pea-sized structure at the base of the brain. Also called the cuddle hormone or the “The Love Hormone” because it is released when a couple cuddles.

I once shared a cross-country flight with a college professor who introduced me to the fact that we are all tricked into love by these hormones. I listened intently as he explained this process of falling in love and that love is nothing more than our body producing hormones. To this day, I reflect on this 4 hour and 27-minute flight and I guess I can look at it now as an unforeseen flight seminar I unexpectedly attended.

It’s funny how many times I have run into a person that will teach me things and share things with me that last a lifetime. Sometimes to never see them again but their words of wisdom and things they taught me have stayed with me to this day.

I tend to want to think that the love hormones are surely available in our bodies but that its not a trick but rather a gift from God. What a wonderful gift, this gift that can bring so much pain and so much happiness is still a mystery though (sigh).

Which brings me to the Serotonin. This is the “happy hormone.” Well, all these hormones in our body running a hundred miles an hour would tire a person out in a matter of weeks. That’s when the body starts to shut down and this is the time when a couple experiencing the falling-in-love stage starts to set more of a realistic pattern. They start to look at things differently and see what’s around them. This is the “coming out of hiding period” I’ll call it. This is when the relationship takes on a different meaning. The couple might start to look at themselves and the person as more of a life partner or maybe not a life partner.

When we first fall in love with someone, we tend to worship the ground they walk on and see them as the most wonderful, greatest person in the room. And while we might eventually take our partner off of this pedestal after months and years of being together, maintaining a sense of “love blindness” is actually critical to long-lasting passionate love. So if you’ve gotten this far keep up the good work.

A long lasting love, if you want it badly enough to work on it, and communicate with each other in a healthy way, its all yours for the taking and its just around the corner if you care to take a peek .


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