For everything that has ever happened to you in this lifetime to bring you to the point of where you are today, Believe it is happening and happened for a reason. For instance have you found yourself in a not so good situation in the past and the outcome was perfect for you in the end?

Many times I have heard from various people in my lifetime that If it weren’t for what has happened to them in the past whether good or bad it has brought them to the right place and the right time in their life, all the while expressing to me that they can’t help but be grateful some of these things happened in their life.

Well that is the beauty of looking at the past and saying to yourself , how glad you are in the now that this happened the way it did. For instance I had a friend once tell me that he had gotten involved in a relationship with a lovely lady and moved across the country to be with her (sadly the relationship did not work out) he was very disappointed and brokenhearted but to his luck this turned out to be a perfect location for him because he had developed serious health issues and if he would not have made this move across the country and had still been in the previous location he would not currently have the health care he needed to stay alive and would surely not be with us today.

My point is if your in a situation that your not happy in believe that this is temporary and God has something much bigger and better in store for you, something you may not even commence to understand at this moment but in time it will all make sense.

All you have to do is have faith, even though it may seem frustrating at this point in your life. The old phrase “Things happen for a reason”  Is true, so hang in there.

Here is a small list of things you can be grateful and thankful for I hope it helps

Things to be Grateful and Thankful for

  • Be Thankful for your Mother and Father who gave you life
  • Know if your going through a hard time it will get better for all the worrying and grief your going through the outcome will be positive, although it may not seem like it at the time.
  • Be grateful for the fact you can turn your faucet on at home at any given time and you have good clean water, we might all take this for granted yet for those in third world countries and other areas of the world who have no running water and unsanitary living conditions, they’re literally drinking from dirty ditches that have diseases and other harmful properties in the water.
  • Be thankful you have the ability to walk and enjoy even the most simplest things
  • stop and look at a flower then look at it’s beauty, all the while being thankful that you have the ability to see with both of your eyes.
  • Be grateful you have the ability to walk for some people are not able too.
  • Look at the Beautiful talents God has given you, recognize them and use them for yourself and other people who can enjoy your gifts
  • be grateful for your health and if your health isn’t good , be grateful that God has given these gifts of healing to those people so they can use these gifts for your benefit and heal you.
  • Be thankful for your best friend that has seen you through thick and thin

Most of all try and see the beauty all around you in all living creatures big and small, this world is Beautiful, don’t just look , see it! you will be surprised at just how differently it will look when you see it maybe for the first time.


You got this!

Good Luck and God Bless


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