I hope you enjoy my book, “Love Letters from the Lighthouse” Love letters is a work in progress spanning the length of my life. My inspiration for this book is the small lighthouse on the California coast called Pt Cabrillo. I first fell in love with this beautiful lighthouse so many years ago. I am the daughter of Ronald E Freels who was in the United States Coast Guard. My father, along with my mother Mary, my Sister Christina and myself were transferred to this lighthouse when I was just 6 years old. Little did I know this transfer would change my life and impact me in so many unbelievable ways. Not only is this lighthouse one of the most beautiful places on earth but I also refer to this lighthouse as the lighthouse that built me.

Throughout my life both friends and clients have come to me with questions about love and relationships. I found myself being able to help them. They came to me asking questions such as, “Will he come back to me?” What has driven him awayWill I find loveIs he cheating? from my own stories of love and my experience with helping others I have many stories to share From my own stories of love and my experience with helping others, I have so much to share with you. I have had many troubled hearts drawn to me and I welcome more. This is what has brought me to the point of sharing my stories to help you find the solutions to your relationship problems. Within these pages, you will find the tools, tips, and techniques to find love or move your relationship to the next level. Also in this book, you will find

  • How to be more secure with your mate
  • The chemistry of love.
  • Spiritual partnership and enlightened relationships
  • How to communicate during disagreements
  • Are you addicted to love?
  • Learning to love yourself
  • How to keep money from destroying your relationship
  • Healing from betrayal
  • Learn how to keep the romance and intimacy in your relationship
  • How to keep the spice and intimacy in your relationship
  • How to be a great co-parenting team
  • Keep your love alive

As I shine the beacon of love from my heart to yours nothing is left to be hidden. Look at life through a new light of true love. With this new outlook on life, you will be able to see things more clearly and get the love you want and the love you deserve. If you desire love and guidance to find the love of your life and to have that one true love or want to keep your current love strong and everlasting, then why not create the love that withstands the storms of life. Like a lighthouse, this light shines through the darkest hours, it leads you home, it leads you to safety. Your lighthouse lights the way, it guides you in your happiest times, sad times and the worst of times. In today’s modern world of romance, we have a throwaway society with high divorce rates. Don’t let the light go out of your relationship; shine on and be unshakable, a lighthouse of love, and not a candle whose light is easily blown out.


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