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Let The Sun Shine In

The sun can be your worst enemy or your best friend but let’s not concentrate on the bad aspects of the sun but rather the health benefits it has on us. When enjoying the sunshine we are contributing to our health in many ways, for example, let’s look at some of these…

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The Basics Of Being A Truly Great Friend

The importance of friendship has a lot more value than one might think, for instance, things in life come and go but your friends are there for you through thick and thin, break-ups, divorces and the occasional crisis we all face in life. These friends sometimes “more like family” to…

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Relationship Weight

Dating can be so much fun, whether you have met the person of your dreams or just casually dating, either way, this usually involves lots of time spent going out to restaurants, the occasional ice cream shop and/or going to the movies, which usually involves tons of buttered popcorn, soda,…

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Meet Sherry

Sherry Lynn Marie

Sherry Lynn Marie is a bestselling author, speaker and coach dedicated to assist others with the tools that help them to self-heal, connect with their intuition and help them to achieve maximum spiritual and physical health. A seminar leader and motivational speaker on relationships, acts of kindness and spreading love, she cares deeply about leading groups as well as individuals on a journey of self-discovery, fulfillment and endless possibilities.

Author of several books, Sherry Lynn Marie consults and specializes in teaching love, communication and relationship skills to individuals and businesses. She focuses on accessing natural creativity and producing practical results for both the short and long term. Learn to love, fulfill your life’s destiny, achieve your dreams and fulfillment. Anything is possible with the right tools and guidance.

Inspired by the life and works of Mother Teresa, this former Catholic school girl, relationship coach, domestic violence counselor, reiki master and empty nester, Sherry Lynn Marie raised 4 children. She was born at Kincheloe Air Force Base, Michigan, raised in California where she lived in the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, now enjoys her residency in the pristine Pacific Northwest.

Centrally located in the Willamette Valley, she surrounds herself with nature’s greatest gifts, like rivers, lakes, streams, and forests, minutes away from the rolling Pacific Ocean and metropolitan Portland, Oregon, Sherry enjoys singing, traveling, and making regular visits to the site of her awakening at Point Cabrillo.

A powerful supporter, Sherry Lynn Marie is an intuitive ally in service to creative doers, dreamers, and manifesters. Sherry works with creative individuals, visionaries and inspired leaders looking to positively impact their own lives and the lives of others. She assists individuals in discovering ways to positively impact the community by aligning with their creative life’s work and helping them affect the world at large. The enhanced self-confidence and heightened awareness that her clients achieve continue to empower them long after they successfully complete their work with her.

Sherry Lynn Marie is highly skilled in using her intuitive abilities to assist those on the path of personal and spiritual growth to experience greater happiness, clarity and make the world a better place.